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Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Blog Header!

I've taken the majority of your advices and voila!
Nice? No?

I just got done with a mini performance for the retiring faculty members of Western Michigan University. Haha.. sounds weird huh. At least I had a good dinner, great company, and 30bucks for a 20 minute performance. We performed 4 songs from the show that I am in, Bronco Way.

BRONCO WAY is an original musical written by all of the cast members, including me. :)
It is for the Freshmen Orientation Students coming to WMU throughout the entire month of June.
I am playing a transfer student from Malaysia. haha! sounds absolutely like me.
The only thing is that my name is Ling Ling Yum, instead of Sue-Yenn.
Laugh out loud.
Ling Ling Yum, who would have thought about it. But we figured that it would be hilarious, so we went with the silly name.

Anyway, for those are going to be bored in Kalamazoo during June, come watch BRONCO WAY at Gilmore Theatre Complex's Shaw Theatre at 7.30pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

See ya there.

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