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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Out of Kay-Zoo

What have I been doing throughout summer?

Work. Rehearsals. Same old that I have blogged about.

It's good to get out of Kalamazoo although having been here for almost half of my college life made me think if I would ever get use to the busy city life again. Anyways just last weekend, Lynn and I accompanied Jeph to Detroit to celebrate Mother's Day.

On the road with beautiful blue skies above our heads.

Almost 85miles per hour.

I swear, Michigan has A LOT of land. There's always greens and cattle at the sides of the freeway. The government should give out more Green Cards to unfortunate souls like me to come live here and build my own house in their mass amount of land.
Lets see, 20acres wouldn't make a difference right?

Upon arrival, we were greeted with Jeph's dad's fishing gear drying out in the sun.
Being a city girl, I have NEVER gone fishing. I doubt I will EVER have the patience either.
But it's amazing seeing the gear and attire that Mr. Barrios would wear and waddle through the lakes and swamps for fish.
Conclusion, most Americans love fishing.

The best part about Spring is seeing bare and empty trees blooming beautiful flowers before actually having green leaves growing on trees. The blooming process is so quick that trees will turn color within a week.

When I look into the sky....

Big Sis Darlynn and I


Jeph barbecuing Steak for dinner.
Lynn, always animated. As usual.

I don't know if I have introduced Jeremmy, Jeph's brother.

A proud collector of sneakers.
Insane. And this is only half of his collection.
I have never met anyone who loves shoes so much. All he has to do now is get famous, and sell his shoes for $2,000 each.

Boyfriend of mine trying to prove a point- that his mouth is humongous.
My guess, point proven.

The best thing about going to Detroit is enjoying the Asian food since they have quite an Asian Community there. The tradition is to go to the Asian Market and stock up on stuff that we couldn't get here in Kalamazoo, and to get Bubble Tea.
Ever since we found the Malaysian owed Bakery next to the Asian Market, Durian Bubble Tea is a MUST!

Here's Jeph stopping himself from barfing.

Lynn to the counter boy: "Can I have Durian Bubble Tea please."
Jeph: "Owh no! You better finish it now or else you will be walking home."
Lynn to Jeph: *cheekily* "It's amazing! Wanna try?"
Jeph: *Turns away with his fingers pinching his nose* "Smells like drinking your own fart."

At a Vietnamese restaurant teaching Jeph how to have a firm grip with his chopsticks.

I *heart* Sakura flowers!

It's Summer. Why is it still so darn freaking cold!

Ps. I hate my blog header. What should I do? Ideas, Ideas!


giam2020 said...

America is a country of milk and honey.Plenty of opportunity for you
young people.Try to get a green card by hook or by crook.

*YenN* said...

Yeah, I applied for the Greencard Lottery. I'll know by July if I will get it or not. No harm to try for fun.
I hope I get it though. :)

justsittingthere said...

Sue Yenn! this is Rachel Ng! now Rachel Hansen from TVS...remmeber? I had no idea u were in MI. If you ever make it down south, let me know! i'm in South Carolina!

*YenN* said...

Rachel Ng: Helloooooo!!!!!!! Yup, I'm in Kalamazoo studying. How's everything gong for you?