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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

In Search of My Resume Profile Picture


I had a spontaneous photo-shoot with Lynn and Chyn Wey last Sunday.
I guess it was pretty awkward for the first couple of pictures since I have not done ANY portrait shoots in a LONG time.

I've been searching for a nice profile picture of myself that I can use for my professional resume which is different from a normal corporate resume.
Corporate resumes are all about achievements, education degrees and other outstanding experiences one might have. The thing about corporate resumes, CVs, whatever, you will not be allowed to have you personal details like height, weight, bra size, waist measurements, eye color, and most importantly, ethnic status, because the corporate law is to hire a person based on qualification and experience and NOT appearance.
*unless you are so "lucky" that you get an extremely biased boss*
Unfortunately, since I am in the performing arts industry, appearance is important and I hate to admit that many times you get hired because of how you look. Of course talent do come into place, but physical appearance do count a lot and it does it magical self-explanatory wonders which I both love and hate at the same time.
I think that I have covered this topic multiple times but it creeps up to me so much that I just have to "release" it somewhere.
*In this case, my blog... where all my ranting goes on and on until nobody cares to read it anymore.*

I love being different. Specifically, Asian.
It is who I am, and because of it, it shapes my character and who I will be in future.
But I still hate the fact that there are so little Asians in the performing scene which includes TV Shows, Blockbuster Movies, and most often, Live Theatre.

Only time will tell.

Which reminds me, I need, have, must, go running soon since I can't get into the campus gym because I am not enrolled for classes. Dang it.

Chyn Wey, wanna go out and play more? :)

Exert your talents, and distinguish yourself, and don't think of retiring from the world, until the world will be sorry that you retire.
Samuel Johnson


BOBO said...

=( Photoshoot without me!!
I dont care we have to do it again when i'm back!

*YenN* said...

I know! I didn't realize that you were gone until Lynn told me that you just left the day before the photoshoot.
Never mind, you have the super cool cameras. We''l get a day. When are you coming back?