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Monday, June 29, 2009

Portage Senior Center presents...

Celery City Showcase IV
*the talent show that I have participated*

As you all know, I participated in Talent Show last Friday.
It was a fundraiser for the Senior Citizens and they hold a talent showcase to for the people of Kalamazoo and Portage annually.

Unfortunately, my partner and I did not win. However, we were both happy and satisfied with the fact that we mange to pull everything together in less than 48hours. Winning would be a bonus.

Here are some videos of some of the performances.

My fellow course mates, Chaz and Cassandra

Joy, a dance major at Western Michigan University.

Jordan Huang playing the Er Hu, an ABC who is also the winner of the Adult category.

Karen Li, a WMU student from China performing a sort of Peacock Chinese Folk Dance, who also won third place.

Sisters from Taiwan who migrated to USA 5 years ago who won the youth category


Notice that three of the Asian performances won something. I am so proud of them. I was extremely excited when I saw that they were doing something that exposes the Chinese culture to Americans. It is about time that we spread the 'Asian Fever'.
Go Asians!
*muahaha... feeling extremely patriotic now*
They totally deserved winning because it was out of the usual sing and dance norm that everyone does. Plus, it take a lot of talent to specialize those amazing skills that they have.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Motown Medley

Half way during Bronco Way performance backstage.....

Frank: Hey Sue baby Sue.. (he always calls me that) I have a question for you. are you free on Friday?

Yenn: Yea, what's up?

Frank: Well, I was wondering you would wanna take part in a talent competition with me. What do you think?

Yenn: You mean it's this Friday? o.0"

Frank: Erm... yup. I was suppose to be out of town that's why I was going to cancel it. But, my plans changed so I'll be here on Friday and I have a slot already signed up and I don't want to waste it.



So I talked about taking part in a spontaneous Talent Contest in the last post.
I'd day that it went pretty well yesterday night although I was a little disappointed that my partner and I did not win. However, I was proud of the fact that we managed to pull everything together, edit, choreograph, and practice everything within less than 48 hours.
*pats Frank and myself on the back*

We receive very good response and I thought that was rewarding enough
(although you definitely cannot deny the fact that having an extra 300bucks in my pocket sounds like an extremely good idea)

Here is our performance. Feedback please! :)

Till then, I'm off to the Windy City for a Taste Fest!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Here's for you Ma,

I just realized that I have not posted a picture of myself in awhile and you said that I looked.... hmmm, lets not put it out in the blog.
BUT, this is me couple of weeks ago from another spontaneous photoshoot with Chyn Wey, Jojo, and Cheryl.

I think I have added on some weight.
I must say that I hate and love the fact that I work in the Cafeteria on campus.

Free food saves me money on buying meals, but it is certainly a temptation to eat more.

Look at my fat butt ma.

Another picture of my fat butt with Cheryl.

See, my face got rounder too!!!


Ma, don't make fun of me when I come back and visit you ok?

9 Days and counting...
I can't wait to see you guys at Bangladesh!!!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Have you heard?
King of Pop just died, and everyone is talking about it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Continuing Bronco Way

Do you know how to do the laundry? If you don't, even if you do.
Watch the video. :)

Originally from Christina Aguilera's Come on Over.
I know that the end is 'macam syok sendiri', but that was the whole idea.

The feeling of being in a new place always sucks. Best thing to do is to dance your way through.

Originally from Pussycat Doll's When I Wake Up.


I'll be performing at a talent competition this Friday. It's a real random thing. My partner and I took less than 8 hours to discuss, plan, cut and edit, choreograph, and finalize everything.


We're doing a MO-Town Themed Medley at a Local School at Portage.
Contact me for details :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Da to the Dee

Dearest Daddykins,

It is true that sometimes I have taken your advantage, never realizing how much you gave to Lynn and I, how much more you have to offer, and how much you were there for us although not physically at every moment. I missed you so much. You are the man of the house and I just cannot imagine life without you, we'll be so lost. *chuckles* Mom would be lost.
Remember those times when you would go on business trips in Vietnam?
You would bring back all sorts of cool souvenirs like the Wooden Minnie Mouse you bought for me, and the Dragon Fruits that I loved!
I remember kissing you goodbye and kissing you on the cheek at the door again when you came back.

I remembered those days when you use to give us Angpaus for Chinese New Year. I would be secretly upset because you would give less to us compared to all of my friends at school. The day did come when you gave Lynn and I a little more than usual, but you just had to write it in a cheque, just so we would be forced to bank it and never touch the money.
*smart. I will learn that from you and apply it to my kids in future :)
I remembered asking for 50 cents every morning in Standard One before going to school, and you would hand me that big silver looking coin, telling me to not spend it on anything necessary. As I grew, I remember getting more. Soon, 50 cents became a dollar, a dollar became two, when I was Form 5, you would give me RM50 a month. It was much less compared to everyone I knew and I never understood why until now dad.
You taught me the value of money. Both mom and you taught me the most valuable thing.

My few favorite memories would be those time you would sit at the sofa and read to Lynn and I story books, the Sesame Street Series, and encyclopedias. You were the one emphasizing on education, making sure that we would have bright futures ahead of us. Although there were times I was so angry at you not understanding why I didn't know how to do simple math, I still find it funny because when it comes to numbers, we are so different!
So much for being an accountant's daughter. Lol
I remembered those days when you use to wake us up for morning school.
I can't help but to smile at those times I could hear you coming out from your room while I was asleep. I would wake myself up just to prove to you that I was a good girl, unlike my big sleepy sister at that time.

I remember you saying firmly during dinner just because I was the slowest,
"When the long hand reaches 12 and you are not done chewing, you know what you would get"

And you would point to the tile on the floor and say,
"Stand in the box" whenever I ate pass the time.

You were always firm but gentle with us dad. You were never irrational.

These pictures of us really makes me wanna laugh and cry at the same time just because they remind me of where I got my crazy 'gila-ness' from, and how much I actually miss growing up with you. If I would turn back time dad, I would be a good girl.
I am not sure if you are ever going to read this, but either way I just wanna let you know that I love you so much. I do hope and pray that you will forgive me if I ever disappoint you in anyway.

Thank you for being my pillar of strength.
Thank you for supporting me in this crazy dream and ambition of mine even though most of your friends might think that Music Theatre is not "smart enough".
Thank you for sending me to school.
Thank you for sacrificing all those material things that you wanted just for my education.
I love you.

Daddy, I will not be who I am without you.

Have a Happy Father's Day!

Bronco Way

Here are some videos of our 5 week performance of THE BRONCO WAY.
Remember to watch it in High Quality!! :)

The first song of the entire musical. It's an introduction song, obviously introducing the cast members. The song is originally sung by Aerosmith.
I am Ling Ling Yum. I know, what a name.

Original song from ABBA's Mamma Mia, talking about personal feelings of leaving high school and one's own comfort zone to college.

The show was basically written by students, managed by students, performed by students for students. We took random songs, changed the lyrics, and added some "omph" into it.
Hope you guys like it!

More videos of Bronco Way coming up soon.
Till then. Enjoy the sun while it's out! :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Two Teens Charged With Fatal Carjacking of Elmhurst Dad

Two teenagers have been charged with second-degree murder after they went searching for an Asian man to rob and ended up choking the life out of their eventual victim, whom they left on the side of the road. After committing a similar robbery a month ago, 16-year-old Corey Azor and 17-year-old Chris Levy were hunting for a new target in Flushing, where the two attend high school (in separate schools). They came upon 49-year-old David Kao, who was dozing off in the driver's seat of an SUV while parked on the street. According to the News, Levy admitted to cops that "he and Azor climbed into the car, put Kao into a choke hold and dragged him into the backseat, where they beat him until he was unconscious." They then took his credit cards and dumped him out a few blocks away.

A security video of the robbery led cops to the two suspects. Azor, the step-son of an NYPD officer, quickly confessed to the crime and implicated his cohort. Levy then confessed that he put Kao "in a headlock and pulled him over the seat into the backseat. I continued to hold him in the headlock and punch him in the face, and then he stopped moving."

Kao lived in Elmhurst and worked in sales and wrote for World News, the largest Chinese daily paper in the US. He had a 21-year-old daughter attending college in Taiwan. At the time of the robbery, he was parked in his sister's SUV outside of his ex-wife's home. One co-worker described him as "a humble guy who brings happiness to everybody." Another said to WABC 7, "If you want money, take money. If you want the car, take the car. Why do you have to kill him?"

According to the Post, the two teenagers "split the $115 they found in his wallet and went joyriding with a gaggle of teen friends in Kao's car for two days." When brought in by police, the pair also admitted to a robbery of another Asian man on May 27th, whom they also put a choke hold while in the elevator of the man's Flushing building. A third teen was implicated in that robbery.

A neighbor of Levy told the News, "He's a very, very good kid. He's always been nice and polite. Corey is not a killer." Levy and Azor are currently being held without bail.

credits to http://gothamist.com

What the hell is wrong with this world? Why is racism such a big issue? Isn't it horrifying just to know that you got killed because you are of a different race?

"Corey is a good kid. Corey is a killer."

Well, if he is a good kid, he wouldn't have been involved in this skanky piece of unnecessary crap. I am hoping to move to NYC next year at this time and seeing this just scares me so much. God help us.

I was talking to Sabine (one of the cooks that have worked in the cafeteria for a long time) the other day and she was telling me that one day after the 911 tragedy, she was getting ready for a big party in the caf. As usual, us students will have to sign up for extra help to help her prepare food for the party.

As she was saying, she had about 15 kids all lined up in a row preparing h'orderves for the big party. At first they were all quietly doing their own little thing, focusing on getting the details right. After a while, Sabine noticed that they began to chat up a storm talking about their countries, their similarities, and differences.

It was then when she noticed that the 15 kids that were preparing h'orderves were not only of different racial colors, in fact, all of them were from 8 different countries; some was even at war with each other at that time but yet they all became friends because they were working together on one project.

Our conclusion that day was that polititians from all over the world should just come together and cook. Sounds stupid, but at least it works.

Till Then.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bring Back the Memories

Our Lady of 121st Street
My debut in Western Michigan University, my debut in the United States.

I remember getting slapped every single weekday during rehearsal for at least six weeks.
I was thinking that if I had to do that show for a year, my face would end up slanted in the long run.

The cast for the show was amazing. Seeing them work scenes itself was life changing and a great educational experience. It was my first time seeing a simple text being transformed into a live play so surreal and as much as I hate to agree that sometimes it takes a tragedy to bring people together.
(not literally, I meant in the play)

Last academic year was awesome and was a stepping stone to my career.
I can't wait for Fall 2009!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My blog is so DEAD.
I bet no one actually reads it.
Oh well, my life is boring anyways so why would anyone be interested in read this piece of time wasting crap.
Then again, the purpose of this blog is to help me rant and is a personal journal for me to look back 40 years later when my life is even more boring.
Haha. ZzzzZzzzZzzz.....

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fat Eyes

I was talking to a colleague from China at work two days ago and we were talking about eyes, eyebrows, you know... usual girl stuff and what not. She stated this super interesting factor about eyebrows that I cannot resist but to laugh.

SiaoMeng: Do you know I went to the doctors' when I was back home in China, and she told me that the reason why I have messy-almost hairless eyebrows is because of the fact that I have too much fat on my eyelids.
Yenn: What?! You're not kidding me...

SiaoMeng: Yeah! A doctor told me that. That's why even if I stick those double eyelid stickers on my eyes, instead of having those pretty eyes that I dreamed of, I would have the puffy inverted double eyelids.

Yenn: *sigh* What to do, we Chinese have fat eyes... Lolx.

Lets forget about comparing face features with Caucasians shall we?
Look at the difference between these two Asian dolls.

Typical features with fat slanted Chinese Eyes, a teeny nose, and puny little mouth.

In comparison with....

A Malay doll with Huge detailed eyes, a slightly bigger nose, and a pretty full lip.

Either way, I think both of them are extremely different and pretty in their own little way. What can I say? God knows what's best, and that's why we were made the way we are.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

work work work.

all i wanna do now is just sleep. waking up at 6am and 10am doesn't make any difference to me right now. i'm still exhausted and tired of work and performance, although it does not drain me as much during the school year.wth. is there anything wrong with me? blah!

On a lighter and happier note,

Good friends are hard to get. I'm glad that I have them now. Thank you guys. I'm truly grateful for you both. <3

back to work again. sigh.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Definition of KENTUT in Bahasa Melayu: Fart

Definition of KENTUT in Tagalog (Filipino Dialect): Intercourse


It amazes me how one simple word can mean so many different things depending on where or how you use it. For those who speak Chinese, I am pretty sure you know that "Han Yu Pin Ying" plays a huge part in making sure that the pronouncation of a word is specific enough to make sure you don't say the wrong thing unintentionally.

Oh well, I just thought that I'd share this with you today.
Have a nice one!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

A Soaking Day

Oasis Hot Tubs Michigan
The moment you arrive at The Oasis, you'll find beautiful greenery and sparkling waters. Select one of the many hot tub settings available: from a spicy pine woods environment to a manicured Japanese garden. You'll discover that opening the door to your Oasis hot tub garden is like walking into another world. Enter your own spacious dressing room, with shower and wardrobe area. Find a multi-channel audio system that will surround you with soothing sounds, from rock to classical. Enter through a second door to your hot tub garden with a landscaped deck, privacy fence, and the great outdoors. Discover gentle breezes with sun in the summer and swirling snowflakes in winter.

Sounds fun, no?

The is a LONG due post. Heck, I don't even remember what specific date was it.
I randomly got a coupon for a 50% off soak at OASIS near my house.
Basically, it is a public but private soak.

One Saturday after an 8 hour shift starting from 6.30 in the morning, Jeph and I spontaneously decided on soaking ourselves in a hot tub.
The tubs were private, and since they didn't have customers at that time, they gave us the best tub in the house.

At first I thought that we would be able to soak ourselves in those expensive and luxurious exfoliating soak salts that I've read so much in magazines, turns out to be that there weren't any and the only thing we had was a teeny scented pack to make the water smell fruity.
Well, seems like Jeph enjoyed it.

Our soaking period was an hour for $7 after discount.
The first 20 minutes was nice and relaxing as we even had our own music station.
Imagine chilling in a jacuzzi tub with jazz and a nice fruity cocktail.
aHhh... how much more can we enjoy?

20 minutes later, I started to feel a little uncomfortable because of the heat from the sun and the water temperature. It made me feel a little nauseous, like I was sea sick.
However, it didn't stop Jeph and I from having a nice alone time to ourselves, enjoying the bubble massage and each other's company.

Our foot steps

I remembered being extremely drained from the water and the long work hours in the morning.
I think I crashed when I got home.
It was a satisfying experience, but something that I would enjoy more at night, with my closest friends, and of course, Cocktails!

Till then,

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Just when I needed it.

I have always doubted my future in life.
It is so darn scary to not know what lies ahead, whether will I still remain here in the United States, whether everything I planned right now will come through.
I can say that I think a lot. Way too much.

Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase.
-Martin Luther King Jr.

I found inspiration in this quote from my Bronco Way script.
It spoke really clearly to me that sometimes life is not all about planning for the future.
It's about living the present, that's why it is a gift.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Miss you adi Jie.
Hope you arrive safely.
Eat all the Nasi Lemak and Nyonya Laksa for me please!

Your super annoying little sister.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Up and Down the Roller Coaster Emotionally

I admit that I have been a pain in everyone's asses recently.
I've been blowing up on every littlest thing at every minute everyday.
I don't know what has become of me.
Maybe it's the hormones. Time of the month.
Or probably the fact that I don't have time for myself due to everything that's on my shoulders right now. Then again, I should never complain about 10 hour rehearsals, lack of money, and sleep. Missing out on the fun things that all my friends were doing without me.
I hated people bossing me around in the theatre when I myself knew what to do. I hated people stating the obvious, making me look like a fool and all I could do is just shut up and pretended I didn't know anything just so I could follow their orders. It's so frustrating.
Then again, I chose this path. I should have foresee what was I signing up for.
But still, I know that I should not make what I love a scape goat, blaming everything on it.
It's me. I've changed to become more hot-tempered, impatient, and horrifying.

Simple as that, I know that I have been a bitch.
And you were right. That was probably why my loved ones reacted to me that way.
I should stop pushing everyone away from me.

The Letter - Original Cast Recording

Forgive me. I'm truly sorry.

Vote Vote!

Q: Why are you the Most Wanted ruumate?
A: As I've always believed that things come when you least expect them to, one of the most desirable traits of a friend would be one who expects nothing from you. I'm hoping that the fellow ruumates that I'll stumble upon throughout this process would stretch out further than being just a ruumate. After all, it's an online community that connects; and I'm quite certain about the chain reaction that will follow through; make me wanted for the right reasons. :)
Q: What's your idea of the ideal person (ruumate)?
A: An individual who's proud to be just an individual. Q: What's your pet peeve? A: I can't stand people who don't know how to remain silent in the cinema, especially Malaysians!
Q: Describe yourself in less than 10 words
A: MissyCheerio; the weird amalgamation of architecture, photography & writing. Q: In an ideal world…(complete the sentence) A: where people strive to search for similarities among themselves, and not through the never ending differences, people choose to see what they want to look at; just a simple example; when you walk into a boutiquw, we all head off looking at our best interests, right?
Q: Name us one of your bad living habits
A: I don't sleep enough, which explains the eye bags!

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