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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Da to the Dee

Dearest Daddykins,

It is true that sometimes I have taken your advantage, never realizing how much you gave to Lynn and I, how much more you have to offer, and how much you were there for us although not physically at every moment. I missed you so much. You are the man of the house and I just cannot imagine life without you, we'll be so lost. *chuckles* Mom would be lost.
Remember those times when you would go on business trips in Vietnam?
You would bring back all sorts of cool souvenirs like the Wooden Minnie Mouse you bought for me, and the Dragon Fruits that I loved!
I remember kissing you goodbye and kissing you on the cheek at the door again when you came back.

I remembered those days when you use to give us Angpaus for Chinese New Year. I would be secretly upset because you would give less to us compared to all of my friends at school. The day did come when you gave Lynn and I a little more than usual, but you just had to write it in a cheque, just so we would be forced to bank it and never touch the money.
*smart. I will learn that from you and apply it to my kids in future :)
I remembered asking for 50 cents every morning in Standard One before going to school, and you would hand me that big silver looking coin, telling me to not spend it on anything necessary. As I grew, I remember getting more. Soon, 50 cents became a dollar, a dollar became two, when I was Form 5, you would give me RM50 a month. It was much less compared to everyone I knew and I never understood why until now dad.
You taught me the value of money. Both mom and you taught me the most valuable thing.

My few favorite memories would be those time you would sit at the sofa and read to Lynn and I story books, the Sesame Street Series, and encyclopedias. You were the one emphasizing on education, making sure that we would have bright futures ahead of us. Although there were times I was so angry at you not understanding why I didn't know how to do simple math, I still find it funny because when it comes to numbers, we are so different!
So much for being an accountant's daughter. Lol
I remembered those days when you use to wake us up for morning school.
I can't help but to smile at those times I could hear you coming out from your room while I was asleep. I would wake myself up just to prove to you that I was a good girl, unlike my big sleepy sister at that time.

I remember you saying firmly during dinner just because I was the slowest,
"When the long hand reaches 12 and you are not done chewing, you know what you would get"

And you would point to the tile on the floor and say,
"Stand in the box" whenever I ate pass the time.

You were always firm but gentle with us dad. You were never irrational.

These pictures of us really makes me wanna laugh and cry at the same time just because they remind me of where I got my crazy 'gila-ness' from, and how much I actually miss growing up with you. If I would turn back time dad, I would be a good girl.
I am not sure if you are ever going to read this, but either way I just wanna let you know that I love you so much. I do hope and pray that you will forgive me if I ever disappoint you in anyway.

Thank you for being my pillar of strength.
Thank you for supporting me in this crazy dream and ambition of mine even though most of your friends might think that Music Theatre is not "smart enough".
Thank you for sending me to school.
Thank you for sacrificing all those material things that you wanted just for my education.
I love you.

Daddy, I will not be who I am without you.

Have a Happy Father's Day!

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giam2020 said...

So touching thoughts, am sure your
dad will be impressed and touch by
his babe.