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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fat Eyes

I was talking to a colleague from China at work two days ago and we were talking about eyes, eyebrows, you know... usual girl stuff and what not. She stated this super interesting factor about eyebrows that I cannot resist but to laugh.

SiaoMeng: Do you know I went to the doctors' when I was back home in China, and she told me that the reason why I have messy-almost hairless eyebrows is because of the fact that I have too much fat on my eyelids.
Yenn: What?! You're not kidding me...

SiaoMeng: Yeah! A doctor told me that. That's why even if I stick those double eyelid stickers on my eyes, instead of having those pretty eyes that I dreamed of, I would have the puffy inverted double eyelids.

Yenn: *sigh* What to do, we Chinese have fat eyes... Lolx.

Lets forget about comparing face features with Caucasians shall we?
Look at the difference between these two Asian dolls.

Typical features with fat slanted Chinese Eyes, a teeny nose, and puny little mouth.

In comparison with....

A Malay doll with Huge detailed eyes, a slightly bigger nose, and a pretty full lip.

Either way, I think both of them are extremely different and pretty in their own little way. What can I say? God knows what's best, and that's why we were made the way we are.

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