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Friday, June 26, 2009

Here's for you Ma,

I just realized that I have not posted a picture of myself in awhile and you said that I looked.... hmmm, lets not put it out in the blog.
BUT, this is me couple of weeks ago from another spontaneous photoshoot with Chyn Wey, Jojo, and Cheryl.

I think I have added on some weight.
I must say that I hate and love the fact that I work in the Cafeteria on campus.

Free food saves me money on buying meals, but it is certainly a temptation to eat more.

Look at my fat butt ma.

Another picture of my fat butt with Cheryl.

See, my face got rounder too!!!


Ma, don't make fun of me when I come back and visit you ok?

9 Days and counting...
I can't wait to see you guys at Bangladesh!!!!!!


DarLyNn said...

i love you la yenn. you so cute. cant wait to pinch your cheeks hard. Muahaha!!

giam2020 said...

You can eat all you fancy but
make sure you exercise to burn off
the calories.Not eating is depriving