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Monday, June 29, 2009

Portage Senior Center presents...

Celery City Showcase IV
*the talent show that I have participated*

As you all know, I participated in Talent Show last Friday.
It was a fundraiser for the Senior Citizens and they hold a talent showcase to for the people of Kalamazoo and Portage annually.

Unfortunately, my partner and I did not win. However, we were both happy and satisfied with the fact that we mange to pull everything together in less than 48hours. Winning would be a bonus.

Here are some videos of some of the performances.

My fellow course mates, Chaz and Cassandra

Joy, a dance major at Western Michigan University.

Jordan Huang playing the Er Hu, an ABC who is also the winner of the Adult category.

Karen Li, a WMU student from China performing a sort of Peacock Chinese Folk Dance, who also won third place.

Sisters from Taiwan who migrated to USA 5 years ago who won the youth category


Notice that three of the Asian performances won something. I am so proud of them. I was extremely excited when I saw that they were doing something that exposes the Chinese culture to Americans. It is about time that we spread the 'Asian Fever'.
Go Asians!
*muahaha... feeling extremely patriotic now*
They totally deserved winning because it was out of the usual sing and dance norm that everyone does. Plus, it take a lot of talent to specialize those amazing skills that they have.

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