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Sunday, June 07, 2009

A Soaking Day

Oasis Hot Tubs Michigan
The moment you arrive at The Oasis, you'll find beautiful greenery and sparkling waters. Select one of the many hot tub settings available: from a spicy pine woods environment to a manicured Japanese garden. You'll discover that opening the door to your Oasis hot tub garden is like walking into another world. Enter your own spacious dressing room, with shower and wardrobe area. Find a multi-channel audio system that will surround you with soothing sounds, from rock to classical. Enter through a second door to your hot tub garden with a landscaped deck, privacy fence, and the great outdoors. Discover gentle breezes with sun in the summer and swirling snowflakes in winter.

Sounds fun, no?

The is a LONG due post. Heck, I don't even remember what specific date was it.
I randomly got a coupon for a 50% off soak at OASIS near my house.
Basically, it is a public but private soak.

One Saturday after an 8 hour shift starting from 6.30 in the morning, Jeph and I spontaneously decided on soaking ourselves in a hot tub.
The tubs were private, and since they didn't have customers at that time, they gave us the best tub in the house.

At first I thought that we would be able to soak ourselves in those expensive and luxurious exfoliating soak salts that I've read so much in magazines, turns out to be that there weren't any and the only thing we had was a teeny scented pack to make the water smell fruity.
Well, seems like Jeph enjoyed it.

Our soaking period was an hour for $7 after discount.
The first 20 minutes was nice and relaxing as we even had our own music station.
Imagine chilling in a jacuzzi tub with jazz and a nice fruity cocktail.
aHhh... how much more can we enjoy?

20 minutes later, I started to feel a little uncomfortable because of the heat from the sun and the water temperature. It made me feel a little nauseous, like I was sea sick.
However, it didn't stop Jeph and I from having a nice alone time to ourselves, enjoying the bubble massage and each other's company.

Our foot steps

I remembered being extremely drained from the water and the long work hours in the morning.
I think I crashed when I got home.
It was a satisfying experience, but something that I would enjoy more at night, with my closest friends, and of course, Cocktails!

Till then,

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