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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Two Teens Charged With Fatal Carjacking of Elmhurst Dad

Two teenagers have been charged with second-degree murder after they went searching for an Asian man to rob and ended up choking the life out of their eventual victim, whom they left on the side of the road. After committing a similar robbery a month ago, 16-year-old Corey Azor and 17-year-old Chris Levy were hunting for a new target in Flushing, where the two attend high school (in separate schools). They came upon 49-year-old David Kao, who was dozing off in the driver's seat of an SUV while parked on the street. According to the News, Levy admitted to cops that "he and Azor climbed into the car, put Kao into a choke hold and dragged him into the backseat, where they beat him until he was unconscious." They then took his credit cards and dumped him out a few blocks away.

A security video of the robbery led cops to the two suspects. Azor, the step-son of an NYPD officer, quickly confessed to the crime and implicated his cohort. Levy then confessed that he put Kao "in a headlock and pulled him over the seat into the backseat. I continued to hold him in the headlock and punch him in the face, and then he stopped moving."

Kao lived in Elmhurst and worked in sales and wrote for World News, the largest Chinese daily paper in the US. He had a 21-year-old daughter attending college in Taiwan. At the time of the robbery, he was parked in his sister's SUV outside of his ex-wife's home. One co-worker described him as "a humble guy who brings happiness to everybody." Another said to WABC 7, "If you want money, take money. If you want the car, take the car. Why do you have to kill him?"

According to the Post, the two teenagers "split the $115 they found in his wallet and went joyriding with a gaggle of teen friends in Kao's car for two days." When brought in by police, the pair also admitted to a robbery of another Asian man on May 27th, whom they also put a choke hold while in the elevator of the man's Flushing building. A third teen was implicated in that robbery.

A neighbor of Levy told the News, "He's a very, very good kid. He's always been nice and polite. Corey is not a killer." Levy and Azor are currently being held without bail.

credits to http://gothamist.com

What the hell is wrong with this world? Why is racism such a big issue? Isn't it horrifying just to know that you got killed because you are of a different race?

"Corey is a good kid. Corey is a killer."

Well, if he is a good kid, he wouldn't have been involved in this skanky piece of unnecessary crap. I am hoping to move to NYC next year at this time and seeing this just scares me so much. God help us.

I was talking to Sabine (one of the cooks that have worked in the cafeteria for a long time) the other day and she was telling me that one day after the 911 tragedy, she was getting ready for a big party in the caf. As usual, us students will have to sign up for extra help to help her prepare food for the party.

As she was saying, she had about 15 kids all lined up in a row preparing h'orderves for the big party. At first they were all quietly doing their own little thing, focusing on getting the details right. After a while, Sabine noticed that they began to chat up a storm talking about their countries, their similarities, and differences.

It was then when she noticed that the 15 kids that were preparing h'orderves were not only of different racial colors, in fact, all of them were from 8 different countries; some was even at war with each other at that time but yet they all became friends because they were working together on one project.

Our conclusion that day was that polititians from all over the world should just come together and cook. Sounds stupid, but at least it works.

Till Then.

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