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Monday, June 01, 2009

Up and Down the Roller Coaster Emotionally

I admit that I have been a pain in everyone's asses recently.
I've been blowing up on every littlest thing at every minute everyday.
I don't know what has become of me.
Maybe it's the hormones. Time of the month.
Or probably the fact that I don't have time for myself due to everything that's on my shoulders right now. Then again, I should never complain about 10 hour rehearsals, lack of money, and sleep. Missing out on the fun things that all my friends were doing without me.
I hated people bossing me around in the theatre when I myself knew what to do. I hated people stating the obvious, making me look like a fool and all I could do is just shut up and pretended I didn't know anything just so I could follow their orders. It's so frustrating.
Then again, I chose this path. I should have foresee what was I signing up for.
But still, I know that I should not make what I love a scape goat, blaming everything on it.
It's me. I've changed to become more hot-tempered, impatient, and horrifying.

Simple as that, I know that I have been a bitch.
And you were right. That was probably why my loved ones reacted to me that way.
I should stop pushing everyone away from me.

The Letter - Original Cast Recording

Forgive me. I'm truly sorry.

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