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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Seven Fun Facts of Bangladesh

*or should I say... only some*

1. The humidity here kills. You'll probably have to shower 8 times a day and still feel disgustingly sticky. *argh*
Then again, I think it does contribute to my weight loss mission...
*wipes dripping forehead, smells nasty damp underarms wtf*

2. It is insanely crowded in Dhaka (current city that I am living at) with people, trishaws, buses, cars, goats (yes I said goats) wherever you go at whatever time of the day or night. And I thought China was crazy.
Vehicles, bicycles, trishaws, buses, goats, cows, people.... anything you can think off all share the common road, and everyone, anything has the right of way.
It is definitely nothing but chaotic.

4. Lets talk about road rules.
Basic rule i) Leave at least a 2 feet gap between cars no matter how bad the traffic jam is.
Basic rule ii) Be courteous please, it's always okay to give way.
Basic rule iii) Look before you turn into a junction.
Basic rule iv) Keep in you own lane!

As you can see, these basic rules above are not even rules like *person on the left must have the right of way/ stop at the stop sign*.
And yet, driving here causes stress levels to increase and even death just because there aren't any rules here! Okay, maybe there are.

Bangladesh driving rule i) Squeeze in whenever you find a space. Even if you know you can't fit.
Bangladesh driving rule ii) You are the King of the road. Even if it takes you to push the other vehicle/human/bicycle/goat off the cliff, you still are the King of the road.
Bangladesh driving rule iii) When it is a two way street, you drive in the middle of the double line, just because... no one cares.

And that is only the brim of road courtesy, as I don't wanna dwell in it too much.
However, I swear... I died a couple of times already although I have only been here for less than a week.

5. Babies for rent.
Beggars can be seen everywhere, and many times they play the guilt game by using handicapped people and worst, babies.
How would you feel when a skinny girl comes up to you wearing only enough to cover herself, with no shoes, carrying a naked baby, begging for money?
Although sometimes, it is true that they really do need money, but many a time, it is a scam.
Babies are often carried around to help play the guilt trip, and sometimes you don't even know whether to trust these beggars or not.

6. Pretty Genuine River Pearls
Bangladesh is known for its pretty underwater treasures. Pearls are known to bring prosperity and luck, for those who are superstitious, pearls are too known to "light the spiritual path" in life, and after death.
Pearls do make a timeless gifts and since pearls are in now, I think it would be good but buy genuine ones for a slightly more expensive price and to have it last a lifetime.
Many foreigners would invest in pearls and sell them in their own countries of a much much much higher price, and it would still be considered cheap. They have a wide range of natural pink/orange/white/black colored pearls in different sizes from 7mm to as large as 12mm.

mother of pearl

pearl designs

So, anyone interested in purchasing pearls and Mother of pearls, hand me the design, size, and contact information, and I would get some for you in a good price, and ship it to wherever you are.

7. Weekends are Friday and Saturday
It's true. I was surprise when I found out that my dad goes to work on a Sunday, then only I realized that majority of them are Muslims that's why they opt to have that rule.

Till then,
Thank you all for the birthday wishes and stay tuned for more Bangla Fun Facts

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