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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

In Less Than 8

I am currently blogging from my Dad's apartment in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
It's been a LONG a little more than 48 hour flight from Kalamazoo to Chicago, to Los Angeles, to Taipei, to Malaysia, and finally to Dhaka.
Thinking of it makes me feel extra jet-lagged... zzzZZzzzzz

I just realized that I can't upload any pictures from my camera because the PC that I am blogging from right now has no outlet for a memory card reader, and I left my camera USB cable in Kalamazoo. Boo.

Anyway, I had the best 7 short hours in Malaysia.
After chatting away in a 4 hour flight with super hot Canadian Channing Tatum identical
(in a slimmer, less buff version)

I am not exaggerating at all..... :)

I was greeted by my beloved masked Chee Wei, Cheng Choo, Sebestian, and of course Big sis.
*And when I said masked... I mean it.*

You should have seen it, four of them were the only bunch in the crowd wearing masks, just because there were afraid that I was sick. It wasn't till later that they gave up wearing it because it was hot, and then Lynn made me wear it so they could take it off.

We then dropped by Lorong Seratus with Shi Yin Dearie aka. MissyCheerio for Sour Plum and Calamansi (Kat Zai Xun Mui) and Char Kuey Teow, which was a teeny tiny portion compared to normal US sized meals.

Best part was, we got to visit my newly build house which I have not seen before.
And many thanks to MissyCheerio, here are the pictures of my humble home.

Part of my living room next to the TV

Living room with Ellie

Current view from my porch.... neighbor's house building process

The size of my house.... as you can see, I have no neighbors yet as everywhere else is still in building process.

The front.


Lolx. I just realized that these pictures don't show my house at all and I kinda regretted not taking more pictures around. :(
Owh well, which means that I will have to go back again and enjoy the house more.
It's just a pity that it a big house with nobody living there since Daddy works in Bangladesh and Lynn and I are stuck in the zoo all they way in Michigan.
Mummy loves it though... I guess she would be the only one enjoying till we go back.

Till then......
*continues jet lag*

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