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Monday, July 27, 2009

A Little From Nepal

Just so you know, this picture of the Annapura range (2nd tallest after Everest) is not a wallpaper. It is taken on the rooftop of our 4 storey hotel from Daddykins' humble Point and Shoot Canon.


These pictures below are just a short collection from daddy's camera since I still could not upload pictures as I am still stuck here in Los Angeles International Airport waiting for my flight to Detroit, then to Kalamazoo.

Gosh. I really can't wait to get home. Just to lay on my bed.

This is such a tiring trip. It was a full flight just like the trip from Los Angeles to Dhaka, Bangladesh. The only difference is that I arrive Dhaka in the middle of the night, just in time for bed. As for Kalamazoo, I am currently teaching my biological clock to stay awake just so I don't suffer from Jet-lag during rehearsals.

So hectic. Thanks to fully booked flights :(

In Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.
Mum and I walking towards Boudanath (Buddist Temple)

Lynn and I at Pashupatinath (Hindu Temple)

Mr. Pretend to be Important Monk.

As we were walking across the streets of the temples, many times we see people like this guy next to me dressed up in a religious costume sitting in an area with awesome view, signaling to people to go and sit next to him, as if we would get inspirational powers if we do.
Well, tourists like me would be darn interested in taking pictures with him and so I went.
As I sat next to him, smiling at the camera that daddykins was holding, he spoke from his fake smile, with his teeth grinding, "Eh... 100 Rupees."

Of course I knew that I have to leave him a tip. But One Hundred Rupees?
*Lu Ingat Bapa Aku Print Money Kah?*

I gave him 20 Rupees instead.
He was the only 'costumed character' I took pictures with. There were many other dressed up gods who looked ridiculously...(I don't even know how to describe)... dressed up?

There was someone who dressed up as the 'Monkey God', who really did look like a money.

I would say that the person who dressed up as him really did have GREAT stage makeup skills because for a moment I thought I saw a really money as big as a human in a dress.
No kidding!

Our family and Mr. Javed, our host

Lynn and I in a Museum which we didn't get to go into because we were rushing for our flight back to Bangladesh.

Mum, Lynn, and I a.k.a. The Three Musketeers at the City of Fine Arts, Lalitpur

One of the few things we did a lot... Bargain, buy, bargain, buy...
I must say, my mum is a Pro. She basically gets all the prices that she wants.

Another city of Nepal called Pohkara- surrounded by the beauty of nature.
Lynn and I at the lake right outside our hotel.
Check out the view!
If you look closely you can see the peak of Annapura in the clouds.
Daddykins, the awesome photographer.
I am having a headache, I don't know from what. I guess my body is just pretty messed up from the short naps instead of having quality sleep.
Till then,
I'm just going to finish reading Waiter's Rant and fall asleep.

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