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Friday, July 03, 2009

Malaysia Airlines.

I don't mean to be offensive or anything. Heck, I never even plan on putting this out in public. But I am extremely disappointed with the service of Malaysia Airlines.

First off, a representative told me that I have nothing to worry about after changing my return flight date. If it was not because I was just checking up on my flight itinerary details randomly a week before departure, I would not have known that my ticket has not been reissued yet.

Secondly, after MULTIPLE calls and waiting, Malaysia Airlines promised to reissue the ticket.
I swore that I spoke to a representative at least twice a day to make sure they remember to have my tickets reissued and to make sure everything was fine.
However after 3 days of waiting, I still have not gotten my ticket reissued and emailed to me.

I was told that I would be charged $75 for the ticket change which is not a problem at all. However, after taking down my credit card number, and saying that $75 has been charged TWICE, not only it has not been charged but it was even in the system.
If you were not going to charge my credit card then why did you even bother asking for the credit card number and saying that you were going to charge it in the first place?

Today you tell me that your Los Angeles office opens at 6am and when I called at 6.50am someone picks up and says it does not open till 9am.

Is this even really happening?

Isn't Malaysia Airlines known for its 'tip top' services? And yet, they can't even handle a simple ticket. All I needed was my ticket to be reissued and since you can buy a flight ticket on the spot in the airport, it is obvious that reissuing a ticket is just a click away.
Why make things difficult, wasting my phone minutes calling, waiting, transferring from department to department, talking to representatives that was supposedly helpful but ended up not helping at all.

I will be taking off tomorrow and how can I not be nervous about my tickets?

I am extremely upset with its slow service and the fact that if I was promised that my ticket would be reissued 3 freaking days ago, and it has not been done yet.
You either promise and do it, or don't even say that you will do it.

After all this bull-crap, I demand for at least a flight upgrade.
Tell me, what am I suppose to get my ticket reissued? After the departure?

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