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Sunday, July 05, 2009


Despite all the drama with Visas, Plane Tickets, I-20 Forms, etc., I finally bid Kalamazoo goodbye this afternoon at 12.15pm.
Had an extremely short flight to Chicago and waited for my next flight to Los Angeles.
Never in my life have I seen so many Filipinos in one area (food court) besides my Boy's house during his father's surprise birthday party.
I thought that I should have the most American meal I could find since I would not be getting any for the next 3 weeks. I landed myself with some soggy "famous Italian Beef" sandwich which I thought was a waste of money.
Thanks to Amin and Cheryl, I have an awesome iTouch for the flight to keep me company.
I still have no applications in it and still don't know how to use it to the fullest, but I am content with awesome music playing my my ears for now.
Lovin' it. :)
After 3 hours, I finally left to Los Angeles.
I love window seats, just because I get to admire everything below.
For once I could imagine being 'god' looking down on puny little houses, landscapes, and uber cool freeway layers.
I have never been to LA, hence the super 'jakun-ness' when we flew past the snow white colored deserts. For a moment, I thought it was snow. Obviously not.
It's LA for god's sake. Not Alaska.
I must say, being the only person wearing a face mask in the plane makes me feel like everyone thinks I am sick when in real life, I am trying to NOT get sick.
*vitamin C, echinecea, multi vitamins.... keep it coming*
I had dinner with a random lady from China, SzeChuan to be specific.
She works here in the States and is extremely wise, informative, and really nice to talk to.
Probably the only person I actually had a conversation with for the past 10 hours.
We had MC Donald's for dinner, and those were probably the worst, greasiest fries I have ever come across in MC D's lifetime.
I finished reading *Okiku-a tragedy retold script* which I am thinking of using for my directing scene class next year.
The best part of the night, I could not stand waiting 5 hours for my next flight to Malaysia so I paid $10 for an hour in a Relax Lounge to chill and use the computer.
Sounds silly and impulsive?
After the disgusting Beef Sandwich and Greasy Fries, I thought that this is probably the best choice I have made today! They even have complementary green tea and pineapple juice!
Malaysia here I come!
Gotta do what I can do in 8 hours.
*plan plan plan*

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