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Monday, August 03, 2009

DHAKA, Bangladesh

I left Kalamazoo on the 4th of July hoping that the plane would be half empty just so I could steal an entire row for myself during that 40 hour flight. Much to my dismay, the five different flights from Kalamazoo to Bangladesh was full to the brim!

Since we're talking about flights, let me tell you the difference between flying in the West and flying to a Third World country.

1) People are organized, and actually listen to instructions like, "Row 28 to 46, please board the plane".
2) Where else, people of a Third World Mentality just don't effing care, because all they care about is pushing everything living thing out of their way, just so they could board the plane.

My first meal in Malaysia. Best Char Kuey Teow I have ever had in 2 years.
Probably the smallest portion I have ever seen in 2 years too!

My first meal in Bangladesh.
"Zhong or Zhang" made by my dad's second sister.

Main transportation in Bangladesh would be the Trishaws.

Men loading up their rickshaws for the day.

Most men wear Sarongs instead of pants.

My mum and I were driving through the city one day when a thought came into my mind.

Yenn:" Mum, do you think they wear underwear underneath their sarongs?
*immediately, one of these guys in front pulls his Sarong in between his legs and tucks the rest of the material into his butt- while doing that, he obviously gave us a glimpse of his balls*

Disgusting? Hell yeah.

A traditional Punjabi Outfit for the night out.

The milky Dhaka river on the way to Sylet, a tea plantation farm.

Mum and dad enjoying the greens that they don't get to see often in the dusty, crowded city of Dhaka.

Workers bringing the tea leaves in from the fields.

All em leaves.

Smells like fresh Lipton tea!

In the factory where they grind the tea.

After going through a long process of grinding and drying, here's the end product before they pack it in tiny tea packets.

Dad and mum with the baby tea leaves.

Workers with the day's work of plucking tea leaves and weighing them at the end of the day.

Tea leaves that looked like nothing but bushes along the streets.

Here's a tree outside our host's bungalow that is as old as a hundred years old.

The bungalow that hosted more than 20 families and counting.

Host's daughter, five year old girl who was as sweet as pie.

Dad brought mum and I a local Seafood restaurant, Saltz for my 21st Birthday dinner.

Thanks dad for the awesome dinner!

Mum and her seafood combination dinner.

Jumbo Prawns for me.

Dad had a seafood kind of rice.

Owh... I forgot to mention that Lynn was not in Bangladesh at that time yet, I guess that I was a little disappointed because I didn't get to spend my birthday with her.

And she flew in a few days after, in time for a dinner party at the Scandinavian Club.

A moth that flew into dad's wine.

Our table overlooking the pool.

Dad and his friends who were great entertainment that night.

Our little family in the elevator on the way to dad's apartment.

That's all for Dhaka.
I'll be updating about Nepal soon.

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