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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Do you know that people carry around dead rabbit feet (eg. in a form of a key chain) for good luck?


I'll be leaving for Saugatuck for a week in a few minutes.
Rehearsals will be from 12 to midnight everyday till opening, which is this Friday.

Till then.


DarLyNn said...

I knew that. Four leaved clovers and a rabbits foot are the most popular. Didn't you know?

But since you are Chinese, maybe you should carry around a singing caged cricket instead. :)

Break a leg!!!

*YenN* said...

But why a rabbit's foot? We have one in our show.
thanks Jie

Bobo said...

Hey sweety, I didnt know u're back in the zoo till I saw your party pic in FB. Well have fun and all the best in ur show and lets hang out!