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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

NEPAL- Kathmandu and Pokhara

This post is LOADED with pictures from more than half a month ago. I do hope that I can remember the details since I did not have time to blog at all.
Should I be embarrassed that I put together this post using more than a week because the only time I have for myself is merely 20minutes in the morning while having breakfast before the one and half hour drive to Saugatuck??
Yes, I should.

Here goes.

Lynn and Mom (napping) in the one and half hour flight from Dhaka to Kathmandu, capital of Nepal.

Mom and I exploring the streets, heading towards the daily market which is pretty similar to Malaysia's Pasar Malam.

Where locals get their herbs, spice, and everything nice.

Here we are stopping for the best Mo-Mo in town.
What's a Mo-mo you may ask?

It is pretty similar to Chinese dumplings.
Nepal's Mo-mo has Chinese and Indian influences, and taste really good with the sauce.

Our family with ze Bell Boy who was extremely friendly.

Here is the Sunset view of our hotel.
If we were there during winter, the sky would be way clearer, and we would be able to see the mountain ranges from here.

Our trip was arranged by one of the leather supplier's of my dad's company.
Apparently, his son in law owns the hotel that we stayed in, Everest Hotel.

We spent our first day visiting temples.
Our first temple that we explored was the the Hindu Pashupatinath Temples which was only a few minutes drive away from where we stayed.

This is the 'holy river' which flowed from the mountains, where they Hindus cleansed themselves.
See that 'board' looking thing at the foot of the staircase?
Apparently, when a person is dying, his relatives will lay him on the board with his feet in the holy river to assist him with his journey to another life.

Relatives' annual mourning over a person who passed away

Lynn, mom, and I climbing up the steep steps to the temples.

If you look closely at the background, you will see that people actually live in the hermit caves. These hermits are usually there for a spiritual quest, hoping to find peace, and meaning in life.

A wonderful optical illusion structure which is actually multiple identical memorials build in a row. It amazes me that these temples and memorials are so incredibly detailed, and no one even knows when it was build. The only thing that people knew about these temples were that they were remodeled and touched up in the 14th century.

Let's move on to Temple number Two shall we?

Here we are as we enter Boudhanath Buddist Stupa.

These are Buddist temples and the eyes that you see on the buildings are believed to represent Buddha's eyes.

Family Portrait.

Lynn and mum walking along the streets of the quaint little Buddhist town.

These were hung everywhere.
At first I thought they were decorations, but after looking closely, we realized that they were chants.

Boudhanath and it's awesomeness.

Lynn and I

These 'turning' things were seen everywhere. It is believed to give good luck after turning it.

smile *click*

We were taken to the hill for the view of Kathmandu city.
*love this picture of mum*

The city

Here were the chants that I talked about.

Climbing up steep staircases again.

Chants hanging all over the temples.

After visiting Kathmandu's temples we took a 5 hour drive to Pokhara, and that was where we got stuck for another 5 hours because of an accident that happened which caused the villagers protest, and blocked the roads. Here I am, taking a break next to the haystack.

While Kathmandu is admired for it's culture and history, Pohkara on the other is all about nature at its best. Here we are on the 4th floor of our hotel overlooking the Annapura range.

We saw multiple rainbow's at Devi's Falls.

The gushing of water.

Here's mum posing without knowing.
We visited several caves and holy rivers that day, too bad for me I was feeling extremely sick in my tummy and had a bad case of diarrhea, so I was not in the mood of taking pictures.

Here we are at the lake, 3 minutes walk away from our hotel.

Amazing view?

The next day we decided to wake up at 5am to drive up the hills to see the sunrise.

We waited for a long time. Unfortunately, it was quite cloudy so there wasn't very much to see.

The streaks of sunlight peeking through the clouds

Villagers were up at wee in the morning trying to make a business.

The magnificent view of Pohkara from the hilltop.

After breakfast that day, in fear that we would get stuck for another 5 hours on the road, we flew back to Kathmandu and it only took 45minutes.
We were greeted by the supplier of my dad's company and he took us to Lalitpur, the city of Fine Arts for a last short tour before heading back to Bangladesh.

Talk about detail.

Ancient wonders.

I wished that I was in a sari at that time, at least I could look cool with the super ancient looking background. Lol.

Here's Mr. Javed, the guy who planned it all for us in Nepal.

Awesome place, it's a must go if you ever had the chance. It's sad that we only got to spend 4 days there (one entire day wasted driving to Pohkara, and getting stuck out of no where). I kinda wished that I was outdoorsy enough to track around the national parks and enjoy more of nature.


Hey all who are in Kalamazoo, or Michigan, or anywhere else in US who are bored and don't have anything to do in between August 14th till August 31st, come and support me in my first professional musical in Saugatuck!

I will be playing Marcy Park in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee in an Equity Theatre, Mason Steet Warehouse in Saugatuck. Although many of you have already seen me do this role in my stage reading class, the production however is WAYYYYY better than the reading class becaus everything is choreographed and you get to see it with light and sound effects with professional actors all the way from New York!

Not only that, Saugatuck is a beautiful tourist town with quaint little boutiques, shops, fudge and ice-cream stalls, coffee and tea stands, the beach... Awesome place for a little getaway from town before school starts again.

Don't miss this chance. Let me know if you are interested and I will give you more details on ticket prices and specific location.

Hope I see ya'll there!

Okay, gotta pee and off to rehearsal!

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