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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Yes! I finally uploaded em pictures.
As most of you would know, I have spent 2 weeks living in Saugatuck for the show.
Here are the few of the gazillion high-lights of my life captured on camera.

*I guess, I wouldn't be blogging much, I'll just let the pictures do the talking.*

This is the garden right outside the theatre that I perform in every night.
Part of Kalamazoo river.

A scenery that calms the soul

Us three, Chelsea, Emily and I in costumes during the preview night.

During rehearsals we would be given an hour break for lunch.
Most of the time we would pack our own sandwiches from home (because it is darn expensive to eat out everyday) or buy something small from the cafe close by, lay on the grass, and enjoy the sunshine.

Here's the deck by the river.
Sweet and peaceful.

Welcome to THE Mansion that I have been bunking in for two weeks.
Looks like a hotel no?

Here's the spring that runs down the lake. It has been tested and it is safe and chemical free to drink.

I wanted to have that as my blog header because the Star Structure was so significantly awesome. But I guess, I was just to lazy to go the whole nine yards to change, and get someone to snap the perfect picture for me.
But can you imagine? This was located in our backyard with a whole lot of other artistic statues and etc.

The beach behind the house.

Livin' like a rockstar no?

Us three again, doing Western Michigan University's Theatre Program proud :)

We were star gazing that night till 3 in the morning.
That was when I saw all those magnificent shooting stars falling from the dark starry sky.

James, Cassandra, Paul and I during the Opening Night reception.

A must for a camwhore picture.

Jeanie (my new found Asian friend), Chelsea, and I :)

An after party of a random night sometime last week when Cassandra and Adam made the most random but yet tasty combination of Nachos, Salsa, Beans, and Mexican Dip.

Adam, Cassandra, Chelsea, and Jeffrey during one of our after show chill.

Paul and I

We visited the beach during one of the extremely windy days. It was extremely COLD!

Check out the shape of the clouds.

Cassandra enjoying the breeze.

What could be better? The sun, the sea, and amazing people.

A shot that I thought was pretty cute.

One of our wild night parties with Kamakazi Shots.

We had the traditional summer Barbeque by the pool with some of the family members of the cast and crew of the show.
*Look at how big my bruise is, and yet I still have no idea how it landed on my thigh.

White picket fences which I absolutely adore.


The Dunes, one of our favorite night spots, also known as the gay bar.

My mystery bruise, 'accessorized' by Chelsea's artistic touch.

One of the few random things that we did after the show was the Ouija Board Game.
I wouldn't necessarily say that it is a game because it involves the supernatural.
Truthfully, I was extremely skeptical about these voodoo things. Not only because I think it is over-rated, and because I grew up in the environment of people telling me no to get myself involved in stuff like that (eg. church).
Despite all the negative feelings I had about it, everyone else was into trying it out so I stayed and witnessed the game.


I can't say what exactly happened that night because no one would believe me, but it is definitely something that you would have to see to believe.

Till then, one more week of show.
I don't want this to end!

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