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Thursday, September 03, 2009

End of a Chapter

... sorry to annoying you all about how great Saugatuck, and Spelling Bee was. I can't help it.
It left a huge impact on my and I promise that this is my LAST POST on Saugatuck.

Us three Western Michigan Theatre kids amongst the professional Equity Actors from New York and Chicago.
Chelsea, Emily, and I

15 minutes before show, goofing around with Adam.

In costume as Marcy Park, the competitive, no life, stereotypical kiasu miss know it all Asian kid.

Adam likes his pictures with his eyes closed.
Adam, Jeffrey, Paul and I.
Gosh I miss them.

Talk about being goofy.


We were watching a video of a girl farting on a chocolate cake. Yeah. Literally.
Look at our expressions.

Chelsea drew this for me, that artsy girl.
I will never forget the last performance.
I was smiling and crying at the same time during our goodbye song after curtain call, and as we all ran back stage, I broke into tears and started hugging everyone. So emo lo.
The best thing that has every happened to me.

Us spellers.
Till we work together again, I love you alll!!!!!!!
Can't wait to meet up with you guys in NYC in 2 weeks!

Performance Photos

The Full Cast of The 25th Annual County Spelling Bee
From Top Left: James Earl Jones II, Sarah Dacey-Charles, Douglas Trapp
From Bottom Left: Adam Enright, Chelsea Morgan, Paul Luoma, Emily Iaquinta, Sue-Yenn, Jeffrey Binney

All because we love to spell... we spell.

Go team with the audiences

I achieve my goals, so unfazed am I.

Marcy Park: "And does it say that I only sleep three hours at night, and I hide in the bathroom cabinet, and I am not allowed to cry?"

Twirling the baton as one of Marcy's talents.

And of course she is flexible :)

And has a black belt in karate.

Spelling montage

Barfee and his magical foot that spells letters for him on the floor.

Marcy Park meeting Jesus and discovers a revelation.

Hindu Gods

Olive's Chimerical.

Class photo

Cast and crew picture.
Nothing would be done without someone to direct, someone to handle costumes, another to design lighting and sound, a music director, a handyman to build props, and of course a director (Kurt, first from the top left).

photo credits to Louis Schakel

theatre credits to Mason Street Warehouse


Dirty Word of the Day
Badunkadunk (pronounced as buh-donk-uh-donk)

Definition: a dick bouncin', dynamic booty not to exceed 50 inches in circumstance but not less that 40, that defies the laws of physics and reminds men why they wanna be dogs. Equally as important, the owner of the budunkadunk must possess a waistline no larger than 2/3 of the diameter of the badunkadunk itself.

Sentence: Chaquifa's mother always told her: "Girl, your face may not be all thatm but the boys will take one look at you and say: "Oooh, gimmie some of that badunkadunk!""

Till then, five more days till school starts!

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