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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Water Ski

Friday Evening

Yenn: "Man, Joe we never hang out anymore... We have to soon!"

Joe: "Yeah, I know. You Malaysians are always so busy. Anyway, do you guys want to come over to the lake house tomorrow for the weekend?"

Yenn: *really did't feel like going anywhere during the weekend. Just wanna chill at home.*
"Erm, I have tonnes of homework to catch up with from last week because I went to NYC for the weekend."
*which was 100% true*

Lynn: "Yeah, we'll see how the weather goes."

Saturday Morning 10.30am, awaken by an annoying ring-tone

Joe: It's not going to rain this weekend!! I'm picking you guys up at 11.30am.

Yenn: "NOOO!!! I wanna sleep in. Can't we say that we're sick?"

Lynn: "That would be so mean right..."

Yenn: "!@#$%^&^%$#@"

Well, thank goodness we went. Since winter would be coming earlier this year, who knows? Maybe last weekend was the last of the warm days? Maybe if we didn't go, we would not ever step foot on water skis because Lynn and Joe would be graduating in December, and probably this is the last summer we'll ever spend together?

Anyway, pictures!

Joe convincing me that I can do it.

Hah!!! I think I acted too much as Marcy Park in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, I look exactly like my character in the show! zOmg, not a good thing.
I was wearing a wetsuit because the weather was a little chilly for me, and I just got over a cold.
Totally worth it looking like a dumbo jumbo.


Here's my first try. From where I was, I could not hear Joe's instructions at all.
Look so retarded in it. I think I look more pro in pictures... lolx.

Concentration Face.

Lynn with Constipation face, trying to keep the skis straight. Not easy.

Haha... we were trying to teach Lynn how to stabilize herself in the water.
She looked like a wobbly penguin. XD

Joe water boarding

So cool right! I wanted to water board too, but my fingers, arms, and lower back were aching already.

Joe and Lynn with Rob water-skiing behind.

Here's Rob.

Sho Fun!

We practically spent the entire day outdoors.
After water sports, we had lunch, and drove out to the middle of the lake to finish our readings for classes, and fell asleep under the sun.

I like.

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