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Monday, October 05, 2009

Betsey Johnson Fashion Show

I was recently invited to Bobo's fashion show gig at Novi, Detroit. Well, it wasn't really recently, it was literally 3 days ago.

And of course I was pretty darn excited since Betsey Johnson is known to have chic dresses, funky apparels and chunky accessories.

One of my favorite dresses. An elegance with a spunk.
Check it out at betseyjohnson.com

For most readers who read my posts a while ago, they would know that Bobo was extremely involved in the catwalk at Western ever since she volunteered herself for Western's Fashion Design department's showcase last year with their annual MODA Fashion Show.

Here are all her supporters (including Jo of course, who was snapping the picture).
Bega, Jeong, Jeph and I
Obviously, the theme of the night was Black and Pink

Sassy Bobo, star of the night with Pin Curls and I


Jeong and I

And of course, Jephie and I

Bobo at the catwalk

Strutting for stuff

One of the few dresses that I absolutely adore.

Bobo looking old school which reminded me a lot of the Chinese Classic Teresa Teng Pop star.

Hmmm... not much resemblance I know.
I guess it was the style of the classic pin curls, bob fringe, and red lipstick.

Girls involved with the Betsey Johnson catwalk.

M Bar Go

Weather was pretty awesome for the half outdoor club.

After the fashion show, Jeph and I stayed to dance while the others drove back to Kalamazoo.

Nope, I was totally sober. I swear!

18 hours till Jeph leaves.
What will I do without him.

Picture Credits to Jojo, Bobo, Bega Teoh, and yours truly.

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