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Sunday, October 11, 2009

In my mind

At first I thought that it was fine because I am one heck of a busy person.
But when weekend came, all I thought about was you.
I have not heard a word, not even from the wind,
I wonder what are you up to now, handling a M-16?
I watched Couple's Retreat yesterday night,
It's an okay movie I guess,
But watching it alone without you reminds me
Of the time that you would put your arms around me, to keep me warm in the theaters.
I miss you so much,
I was at the Grotto today with the same gang
That place really made me think of you even more,
How we would walk there for $3 dollar burgers, and half off dishes,
My first beer.
Miss you much.
Wishing you were somehow here again,
Wishing you were somehow near.

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