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Friday, October 02, 2009

Point of No Return

I have been extremely stressed out pretty lately of where my life would take me.
I have approximately half a year prior to graduation, and I still don' know where will I be after that. Of course, my dream is to remain in the United States but it does sucks because of my visa status. How will I get my working visa after that?
I know that many people of my age are freaking out about graduation and the "real life" ahead, but I just find it so unfair that I have an extra burden on my shoulders just because I am not one of those lucky people who were born the the land of dreams and freedom.
Sometimes I think if I am doing the right thing, following my dreams.
Why, why the hell did I not just stick to boring old economics where I can just graduate and work in the corporate world, instead I chose this path of uncertainty and danger.
Why, why, why.
I am so stressed out with life right now.

Rehearsals are starting next week, which means that my day on campus starts at 8.30am all through 10.30pm at night. Excluding extra rehearsals, excluding homework time, excluding any time for my friends and myself because by the time I get home I probably wanna just lay in the bath tub and go to bed right after.

Oh my goodness, I am extremely stressed out.

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