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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Yay! Tis been a great week. Although I was wishing that the weekend could quickly come even though it was Monday at that time, but I guess, with all those late 6 hour rehearsals, the week did end pretty fast. Even better, one of my dance classes was canceled yesterday because of departmental auditions.
That extra hour of sleep, certainly did make my day :)

Here's my pin curled hair effect after Opening Night. Makes me look 10 years older. I can't understand why curls make Caucasians look sexy, and all it does is add age to Asians.
And, the heavy stage make up. Bleh.

Chelsea and I with our bloomers. Also known as undergarments back in the 1800's.
I guess if we were caught walking around like that back then, we would be stoned to death! Lol.
We were waiting to put our wigs on.

Ashley applying make up.

Alicia playing Mrs. Mullin. A melodramatic and extremely funny character, with of course, crazy make up.

One of my best friends Sexy Billy the villain and I

Brian, Alicia, and I camwhoring.
Here's my Mama Geisha look.
Brian and Sammy my favorite person!

Tyler who sits right next to me in the make up room, he sounds exactly like Josh Groban.
Insane. Amazing voice. To die for!

Here's Matt, one of the Swings.
A Swing is a person who is understudying several characters. It is a gift, I personally don't think I can play a few characters with no pre-rehearsal no nothing. If someone gets hurt, you just get thrown on stage expecting to know every line, blocking, and cue.

Carousel Promo Video.

Haha, I think you can catch me in a glimpse in several parts. And of course I look extremely Asian. Not that I'm not not Asian, but that hair. Gosh. It just enhances it. Lol.

Some people have asked me how was it like to act in a play/musical over and over again. For several weeks. Don't I get bored?
Well, every show is different. The audiences are different every time. Of course we'll have to keep the show fresh by really connecting with the character and giving him/her a personal background story that is not scripted and not go on autopilot.

It was a Presidential Performance today, which means we performed for uber important VIPs of the University, the Dean, the Donors, and Sponsors. It was a great experience.
It was one of the first few times that I got extremely moved by the reaction of the audience.
It was the first time for me looking right at the audience, and seeing them sobbing and wiping tears off their faces, made tears roll down my cheeks and during curtain call, I was just smiling so much just so nobody could see my wet emo face.
Awesome. I was really moved.

I wished mom and dad would see me in this musical. Although I did not play a big character, but you would love this show. <3

Hope I do you proud mum and dad!

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ji yee said...

Love it! I love all the costumes props and of cox the story line, it's so touching =D you did great!