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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Done, done, and done!

I am surprised that I survived these few days.
I am even more surprise that I survived today!

Had Chicago callbacks this morning/noon/afternoon/ entire day.
And I thought that it went pretty well. Everyone is dying to be in the show, and everyone brought their game. The ladies were all fierce. An observer said that if they'd send us to war, we would made everyone drop their weapons and scurry away. Which was true, the tension and energy was insane and everyone was probably at their most competitive time of their lives.

I personally thought that I did pretty well in the audition besides the fact that some misunderstanding happened towards the end because I didn't get to read the monologue of the character that I was called back for. And I was told by the stage manager that everyone did except for me, and I did get to prove myself 'worthy' for the part. I was devastated, and I cried right after everyone left.
I fell asleep at the lobby at the theatre and woke up after 30 minutes after to get ready for our last performance of Carousel.

We had a great closing show, and I was extremely happy and grateful that my framily (friends who are family) came to support me in this little ensemble role that I had. :)

After the show was done, we had to dissemble all the lights, props, and sets that was build for the show. Insane. I am exhausted.


Moment of truth on Tuesday when I find out if I make the cut. Pray for me.
I am and will be Velma.

I just realized that I just wrote a random post.
hah. mind me.

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