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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Party Night Rambles

With the insane schedule that I have right now, I would really do anything to be able to hangout with my best friends and I am glad that I did these past two weeks.
It takes off the stress and burden that I sometimes carry around, and I am grateful for them being there listening to me rant my face off.


TomYum Steamboat night at Cheryl's!
Go Shock Top. Could you recognize the tune that I was blowing to?
Sorry if it wasn't too obvious, I just can't keep a straight face.

Not that I hate the typical American House Parties, I guess it is just not my thing.
I'd rather, spend time talking about everything under the stars and doing the absolute stupid things over my favorite cider beers, rum and diet, and of course any sort of cocktails at a chillax bar. Then again, I still prefer dinner tables because it creates a more intimate feel.

Even when it comes to clubbing, as much as I'd like to deny, I love the club scene. Only when I have my friends around me though. I like the feeling of knowing that if anything happens to me (like when a random scary horny looking guy starts coming behind me, wanting to grind) my girlfriends will swoop in and just pull me away.

Maybe that's what I want. Maybe partying for me isn't trying to get to know some other people. Or in American terms, getting laid.

So what if I don't seem cool, I like being boring in that sense.
Haha... as if I even have the time for parties. Bleh. I want to ride a bull right now.

Bleh. I don't even know what is the purpose of this post. Full of ramblings.
*wipes runny up nose with sleeve*

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