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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Quote of the day

Simple Cheryl: "Eh, if you wear this in Malaysia, you'll get shot lah!"

*YenN: "Yeah lo, how ar? My winter jacket is Red and my sweat pants are all in the Greenish/Bright Bluish hue?"

Simple Cheryl: "People don't even wear sweat pants in Malaysia!"

*YenN: "Owh Yeah. I really will get shot."

Being so used to not caring what others think about me, really?
If I were to be in Malaysia at this instant, I would be categorized as a slop *for wearing sweats*, lala *for leggings*, seafood *because I say so*, harajuku *for color clashing*, typical female Mat rempit *for skinny jeans and high top sneakers*, and whatever else category you want to put me.

Die, I will get shot.

Flu season, getting sick. FML.

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