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Sunday, November 01, 2009

T'was the Night

Since this was the last Halloween Celebration in Kalamazoo for most of us *meaning those who transferred here the same time*, we decided to go all out.

A month ago, the girls and I have been cooking up a plan to dress up as a group. We had in mind, *The Seven Deadly Sins* and *Moulin Rouge*. After giving much though, we chose to be the Burlesque Dancers because we get to go with the same theme, but be individuals at the same time.
Three weeks ago, the girls and I decided to perform for the Halloween event.
Two weeks ago, we started deciding which songs we wanted to use.
One week ago, Drummer Jon Chong decided to do a collaboration performance. Drums, light, DJ-ing, Dance, Interactive... all in one 45 minute performance.

With everyone's extremely different schedules, Lynn and I being in NYC for 4 days, and my intensive rehearsals till late night for Carousel, we only managed to meet up less than 10 times altogether. I swear.

Come to think about it, Moulin Rouge and Burlesque Girls... Ain't mucha difference.
But you get what I mean.

Well, the best part of Halloween for me would always and will be the excitement of dressing up together, and being with friends. *awwww- sappy eyes*

In this case, you could see all boys and girls cramped up in a teeny weeny apartment getting all made up and hyped.
Love it.




And all that Jazz.

Jolene as the Angel.

My favorite picture of Cheryl, Lynn, and I


Gimmie Fierce!

Make up half done.

Cheryl + Amin = Freaking HAWT

And finally, we're off to Ellsworth Hall for the Halloween Dance organized by the International Program Council of WMU

I like being protected by strong men. lolx.

Jabbawoockeez from America's Best Dance Crew.
Guess who?

Joe Kelly. Long time no see!

Aziz ma Mexican. Como et tas.

While us girls got all sexy and bootylicious, our boys decided to be Babysitters from Hell.
We're missing one more. Amin was probably kidnapping some random baby at that time.

Don't the boys look like a scarier version of KISS?


One of my favorite costumes. Bega as Mario!

Burlesque Dancers.

With Rose as the elegant Greek Goddess.

Mikey, Jolene, Hariz, and I

Caitlyn Colleague dressed up as herself because she was working, Lynn and I

Mikey tryong to work those lips.

Izzah and Hassim ze Pimp.

Us girls.
From left: Yenni as the witch, Bobo Sexy Sailor, Izzah, My Phat Ass, Jeong Belly Dancer, Lynn, Cheryl, and Quzrin.

And as usual, Mikey tries to be one of us. :)

Here's a segment of our Girl's Dance. It was way to dark to really see.
Hope you like it though.

Happy Halloween

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