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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cait's Bachelorette Party

I think that I have blogged about how surprised I was when I found out that people actually get married when they are 20 years old. I remember my second day of ballet class, the girl who stood right in front of me flashed her shiny humongous diamond/zircon/whatever that shiny stone or plastic ring at my face telling me that she just got engaged and she was going to get married that year. I thought, maybe she's just an younger looking older girl who is back in school for another degree or something like that. Then only I found out that she was only 20 years old, that was 2 and a half years ago!

I cannot imagine getting married at such an early age, maybe it's culture, or just the way I think, but I can never give my heart to someone, and settle down forever, and for always, until the day I die, not at least until I have a stable job and I am financial independent, probably independent enough for my future fiancee and I to buy our own property.
Too high of a demand? Hmm... I guess I am just realistic.

Anyhow, my dear friend Cait is finally getting married. She is the first friend among my age group (she's only a year older than me) to get married. I think it's cool, her current husband is already working, so it's about time. Cait has been crazy enough to plan and organize a wedding despite our intense senior year curriculum, and we just thought that we could take a little stress away by throwing her a small simple Bacholerette Party in honor of her last days of being single.

Friends, Snacks, Wine, and love.

The Pre Party was hosted by Kayla.

All of us blowing on little penis whistles. ;)

It's awesome that it was not a regular wild party of strippers during the Bacholerette Party. I think what matters most are friends and support *at least for my Bacholerette Party if I ever have one*
Cait, Emily, and I, Cabaret Buddies. We'll be performing next year in March together to raise funds for our New York Senior Showcase.

Sammy, Cait, Billy, and moi *heart*

Congrats Cait Ryan!
You are officially a married woman as I am blogging right now.


Lots of Love

damn... Now I feel like getting married.ugh.

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