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Monday, December 07, 2009

It Came To An End

Finally, after all those crazy shows, rehearsal, class, and work schedule combined, the semester has finally slowed down. Last week of school!!! And I'm pooped.
Today is the first day of no rehearsals, but I am still obliged to return to campus for a supervisor meeting at work. Still happy though. At least I have this little spare time to blog, and fall asleep on the bus.

This semester has been extremely insane for me. I felt that I have grown so much as a performer. I love the stage, I really do. And all I hope is to be given the chance to be able to do roles that are not expected of me. I have been terribly disappointed with the circumstances given, but I will stay strong and look at the bright side. So what if I was given a small role, or typecast? I'll rock it, and make those who think of me differently regret.


Emily Sweet Pie drew this for the girls in our dressing room.
I'm sure you can tell which one is the Asian girl

Broadway Star Julia Murney, the most amazing person and performer that I have met.
Extremely genuine, and kind at heart.
I love her.

Seniors 2010!

Emily Sweetie Pie.

Open those eyes!

Us girls.

*photo credits to Emily Iaquinta

Parents are arriving in less than two weeks!!! whee*

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