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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Break

I love how we had the longest autumn since I've been here. For two years in a row, we would have to drive in a snow storm out of town during the Thanksgiving break. Thank goodness for this year, snow came later. It wasn't until beginning of this week till it snowed.

This year for Thanksgiving, after having a luxurious all home made fine dining styled dinner prepared by none other than Jonathan Chong, we bundled up in Amin's Honda and drove to Michigan City's Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets to join the Black Friday Shopping Craze. This time, we all took turns standing in line for Coach, and can you believe it? We stood in line for 3 freaking hours in the cold, and I'm not even exaggerating. And guess what, I didn't even buy anything from Coach because I couldn't find any medium size purses that I liked. Bah*
We shopped from 11pm straight on to about 4 something in the morning and retired at a nearby inn.

3 hours later...

We drove about an hour and a half to downtown Chicago and continued our Black Friday shopping. H&M, Forever21, Victoria Secret, Aldo, Charlotte Russe... owh so sinful.

That night, we dressed up to the nines, and went clubbing at Vision, and we had no idea that it was an Asian dance club. It was an eye opener seeing 'skankily' dressed Asian American girls going crazy on the dance floor, baring their G-strings and Thongs under their skin-tight leggings and short dresses. Ugh.
An eye sore.

Dance Kaki Cheryl, Darlynn, and moi with my new 5 inch Aldo heels.

Cheryl and I had our own little podium, spotlights and fan because we were awesome like that :)

Lynn and I sipping on our Dirty Girl Scout which is an awesome mix of vodka, Kahlua coffee liqueur, Bailey's Irish Cream, and white Creme de Menthe that give a little minty taste.
Thanks Amin for the drink!

us girls

Cheryl and I walking back after clubbing and yumcha

What should we name ourselves? The Chicago Clubbing Kakis? hah! lame.
From left, moi, Yasir, Darlynn, Amin, and SimpleCheryl

Next day, we continued to explore Chicago.

Tried to do the usual High School Musical Jump...Lynn's famous *walking into the light* shot

Fantabulous Five.

Since this semester was nothing but a ride on the Struggle Bus, it was one of the happiest breaks days of this semester. We all really needed to get out of school for a while.
That excludes the fact that I spent so much that weekend, and now I'm taking extra shifts and working my butt off at the cafeteria.
Totally worth it!


Then, it snowed.
First, pretty flakes that lasted over night.
Then, a snow storm.
Before we knew it, a Blizzard!!!!!
And school was closed for a day because it was too dangerous for students and staff to drive to campus.

I love snow. Wait, let me correct myself, I love the look of it, and maybe when I see snowflakes, other than that, I hate the cold wind that stings my face, and the slush on the ground on roads, and black ice!!!!!!!!! Grrr.
So far, I've not fallen yet. Let's keep it that way.

Marshmallow cars

The bridge that I crossed every morning to get to campus.

Streets covered with snow.
Looks pretty, but NOT easy to drive in.
I just had my first snow driving experience 3 hours ago, and because of the snow and black ice, I got my room mate's car stuck on a slope for about 30 minutes. Thank goodness a guy came by and poured salt on our tires to melt the snow, and after a long time of pushing, and rocking the car, my roommate and I managed to push the car up the hill.

Not a fun experience, especially when the car tires get you all wet with icy cold watery mudd and slush!

Till Then.

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