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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

All's well that ends well

Some days are good,
Some are bad;
Some makes you feel like shit,
Some ends with you being glad.


Mine was great because one of my classes were cancelled today, which means I had more 'me' time at home. (Extremely unusual, and sadly it is only going to last this week because Chicago rehearsals are starting soon)

I spoke to my dear sister who is officially an employed teacher right now in Upper Westside Manhattan.

My hamstrings and my gluteus maximus ached like hell, which means my workout yesterday was well worth it.

I felt great at my voice lesson today compared to last weeks class that made me felt like a frog trying to croak with no vocal chords. It was just one of those off days.

Found more auditions to attend, which means more opportunity.

I had an awesome cook-in dinner with my roomies just now.
*Ven... I just realized that I don't have a picture of you!

I chatted online with three of my favorite people back home *you know who you are* :)

My costume designer for the musical Chicago said that I have a kick-ass costume that she is going to get for my character. Hopefully, I won't be as naked as being in the Donkey Show last year :)

Bleh. The semester just started and I am ready to procrastinate :) Ugh.


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