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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Coke Babi and lain-lain


I just got done eating a scrumptious meal of babi.
I kinda felt extremely proud of myself for making Coke Pork, and as weird as it sounds, it tasted bloody good. I reminded me of something my grandmother and my dad's second sister made.
*beams happily*
which means it's damngoodwannaeatsomemore

Unfortunately, I couldn't take pictures of it because I wasn't expecting it to taste extremely good, and plus, my camera battery has been dead since the New York Trip about a month ago, and I still have not charged it yet.
Then again, it was cooked in a large pot and all you could see was black sauce and meat, so even if I took a picture of it, you would probably barf and not believe me saying that it was freaking delicious :)

It was probably the easiest dish that I have ever made. Perfect if you were busy because all you need is 5 minutes in the morning before you go to class/work, and you come home to a welcoming aromatic smell and an amazing dish.

Coke Pork Stew

Things you need
1 Bottle of Coca-cola (I only used half of the 2 litre bottle)
4 pieces of center cut pork (looks like what they used for pork chop)
2 Cloves of garlic
Ginger (depending on taste)
Dried chili *if you like*
Oyster sauce
Vegetable Oil

1. Dice garlic into teeney tiny pieces.
2. Peel ginger and slice them into thin strips (like how you would for steaming fish)
3. Saute garlic and ginger *and add if dried chili if you have some*
4. Place pork and half a bottle of Coca-cola into crockpot/slow cooker and let it simmer on HI between 6-8 hours so the meat would be tender.
5. *after 8 hours* Pour in a tablespoon of oyster sauce and a dash of salt.
6. Stir (how easy is that)
7 Serve with white rice

Easy as Uno Dos Tres?

Told ya!

Besides Coke Babi, I also made a stir fry dish, mainly just because I hate a meal with no vegetables. Here's the homemade recipe.

Black Bean Pea Pod Pork Stir Fry

Things you need
2 pieces of center cut pork
White Pepper
Dried Chili
Chilli Powder
Soy Sauce
1 big handful and a half of Pea Pods
1 big handful and a half of sliced water chestnuts
1 handful of bamboo shoots
2 sticks of celery
Black Bean Paste
4 large Garlic cloves
Sweet Onion
Hebee (dried baby prawn)
Vegetable Oil

1. Cut pork into strips
2. Marinate pork with Soy Sauce, a dash of Chili Powder, Pepper, and Sugar
3. If you could, marinate it for as long as you can, either overnight or just 8 hours
*hint- you can do it the same time when you put your Coke Babi into the Crockpot*
4. *After marinating, 20 minutes before meal time* Chop and dice Garlic and Sweet Onion
5. Heat pan with oil and saute garlic, hebee, dried chili, and sweet onion.
6. Add a tablespoon and a half of Black Bean Paste
7. Add marinated meat and stir
8. Add celery, water chestnuts, bamboo, and pea pod
9. Add 1/8 cup of water just so it doesn't dry out
10. Add a pinch of salt and STIR FRY!!!!!
11. Eat.


You should totally try it and let me know how it turned out :)

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