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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I just realized......

Printing Headshots and resumes NOT cheap. That doesn't even include paying a photographer!
Heck, we have to pay $350 to apply for an Optional Personal Training Visa.

My official headshot for showcase. The theatre department loves it and on the other hand, my Malaysian friends think that it doesn't even look like me at all. I'm starting to get worried because they are the ones who know me the most.

I hate the fact that we have to pay such a large sum of money without even knowing if we would be hired. *sigh* I guess, that's how the world works.
I think I am making more realizations as graduation creeps closer.

Chicago rehearsals starts tomorrow. Which means I will be on campus for 15 hours a day. FML.
*can't wait though*

1 comment:

weihao said...

u look good in this picture