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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Hola es Todos!
Acabo de tener mi primera clase de español esta mañana y me encanta!

It means,
Hello everyone,
I just had my first Spanish class today and I love it!

There might me a possibility of seeing more of this random Spanish sentences in future.
But I gotta practice right? :)

Anyway, first few days of class.
I am tired. Exhaused from not really doing anything but going to class and work.

The worst thing is that I hahve been to the gym 7 days a week and instead of losing weight, I gained 2 pounds! Damn it. Ugh. That means I have gained a total of at least 18pounds since high school. Bleh. I don't like this right now.
Thanks to New York, it has got me chowing down on sweets every single day, and now I have such a hard time getting myself out of that habit.
On the other hand, my dear sister who has not really been doing anything lost 6 freaking pounds because she's broke. So maybe being broke is good after all. In some ways.


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