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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dates, dates, dates...

February is probably the most festive time in the Spring semester.
Big Sis' Birthday
Bestie Amin's Birthday
Valentine's Day
Chinese New Year

and all that jazz....

Roomies, Mikey (who was taking the picture), Amin, Cheryl and I gave Darlynn and virtual birthday celebration with a real cake too!
I mean, it was the only thing we could do for her since she's all the way in New Jersey.

Virtually fed her too. Lol.

On Friday night Cheryl hosted a surprise party for Amin and Hariz. (didn't have a picture with him). Party was a blast. We made our own Flaming Lamborghini and all.

We waited literally 20 minutes with the candles lit because of many false notices.

Partay partay with Mikey and Jolene

Buttercup Jeong and I

Bega Happy-Face!!

Partay partay till dawn!

Valentine's day and Chinese New Year this weekend.
Any plans?

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