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Monday, February 01, 2010

If You Had The Choice

Given circumstances:

1. You are graduating and you have a whole ton of sh*t to pay for right after.
2. Due to the economy, you are only left 12 hours to work compared to 17-18 last semester.
3. You just bloody need money because who knows what life has installed for you after graduation.


1. You have to, need to go to the gym because it is good for you.
2. Gym was part of your $12,000 dollar tuition fee just this semester! If you don't go, you are stupid.
3. You have a senior showcase in New York this March and you have to look your best.
4. You are performing in the musical CHICAGO, which means that you will probably be half naked.

To stay at work for the extra few bucks or go to the gym because there is no other time left for you to go? Take your pick.

*just keep breathing, just keep breathing*

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