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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

10 minute Update before running to the bus stop

First of all, I apologize for neglecting my blog.
Life has been pretty hectic. At the same time, it's been awesome.

My senior cabaret closed last Friday, and after having all the stress of 'putting up the perfect cabaret', I was so relieved that everything went so well. I was almost upset that we had to end. The best thing about it was that it was the first time when I actually stood out to sing after my Senior Showcase in New York (which didn't count because I lost my voice and I was grunting through the entire song). I lost my confidence and the best of me in New York. I was crushed when I fell sick there. This on the other hand, gave me my confidence back and it felt so good to prove myself wrong. I found joy in performing again, and I know that I am better than what I am right now. I remember going to bed that night without being able to sleep just because I was so happy with how everything was. Amazing feel. Thank you God.

Videos are being edited now, and I can't wait to see them.
I'll post them up as soon as I get a hold of them.

On the other hand, CHICAGO is crazy!
I have never been in a show that has been sold out for so many times!!!!!!!!
I know that I complain about how tired I am before and after the show, but when we're actually running it, it feels awesome.

We all now know the show by heart, and it was the best time throwing new things in, playing with the audience, etc. As much as I hate to admit that I really don't have time, I want to do this FOREVER! Well, 2 more shows, this Thursday and Friday. And they are already sold out.

Till then, off to work!

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