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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Been really busy

Updates on life?
Life? What life?
Rehearsals and late nights were taking a toll of the little time I have left for myself.

CHICAGO opened and out of the three days that we have been performing, two of them were sold out. I'm so glad that I am a part of it, and what a great way to end my last semester here at WMU.

WHAT THE F?! THE FEMME FINALE was great too. (excluding the fact that I actually forgotten the lyrics for Lady Gaga's Paparazzi. How is that even possible!?) I love brain farts. Despite it happening every so often in my life, it still surprises me every now and then.

Here's a short video of one of our rehearsals.
It's our own rendition of Bob Dylan's Make You Feel My Love

Obvious that I forgotten the first few words of the chorus?
Yeah, talk about brain fart! :)

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