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Friday, April 02, 2010

Actualizada a diario sobre la vida

CHICAGO ends tonight.
Last show in college. 
I don't really know how am I feeling right now.
I know I am happy for one, college experience and all. On the other hand, it is one step closer to graduation. Hmm.. let's see, to be exact, my commencement is 29 days away from now. 

Lynn called me yesterday saying that she got accepted into New York University's Master's program. Kudos to you jie. I am so darn proud of you.
On the other hand, remember the Presidential Scholar that I 'supposedly' received?
Well, what a kill joy. Turns out that the department miscalculated, and I was 0.01 points less than the Real Presidential scholar. Hah. Life goes on right?
Should have not been awarded in the first place. 
It sucks to be told that you are not good enough, over and over again.

So, future plans?
I have applied for the Optional Personal Training, and will be working in Saugatuck.
The same theatre that I worked at last summer.
Although I am going to be broke as hell, but I am excited. 
After that, I'll be moving to the Big Apple with Lynn and we'll see where I will end up.
Planning to go back to Malaysia at the end of June 2011 to renew my Visa.

Till then, I want to do something silly tonight.
Just for shits and giggles.
I mean, I am about to graduate and there is nothing to lose right?


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