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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Holy Crap & Random Ramblings

It is Thursday today.
Second last Thursday of the semester before finals week.
I just got my graduation robe, chords, cap, and tassle.
I am really going to graduate.

Brings me back to 4 months ago when Lynn left Kalamazoo.
I keep telling myself that things are going to be fine. It's just another phase in life, and I will get over it sooner or later. I will. It's just an extremely difficult and a whole new idea to wrap my brain around.

Part of me feel as though I have never cherished my student life. 
True that I have been involved in the theatre department with main stage performances. I feel truly blessed that I have had the opportunity to perform in four shows throughout my six semesters here. On the other hand, as much as I hate to admit, I always felt a little outcast just because I don't hang out with my peers as much as I hoped I would because of work, framily, and such.

Same goes with being with my friends here whom I call family (framily), I was always 'out'. Either rehearsing, or working. I would be at home and when my roomies have friends over, the common thing I would here would be "omg. Yenn, you are at home! No rehearsal merh?!" Lol. In my own house. How funny is that. My apartment is nothing but a place to store my shit and sleep at night. Nothing more. 

Let's talk about traveling.
Ever since I got to the United States, I have always made it a point to save save save, and travel. I've been to Washington DC, Detroit, Chicago, Orlando Florida, and New York (x 628). I need to travel more. I need money to do that too! I wanna go on a roadtrip! Never mind, till I have more in my bank account, I'll talk about travelling. 

I have a full student life I guess. Nothing to complain about. Just that, I have never done anything absurdly silly. Lets not get into drinking and drugs. I'm not a firm believer on that. What about highlighting my hair? Nope, the last time I did that was back in Malaysia 2007. Holy shit, 3 years! Okay, what about cutting my hair short? Nope, my physical appearance belongs to theatre. I am Asian, and I will always be cast as the Asian girl. And stereotypically, Asians have black hair damn it.

Hmmm.. I should get a body piercing. Somewhere hidden. Belly button? Nipples!? Haha. Too much of a chicken shit to do so. Lose 10 pounds. Now that is actually something that I have been working on and getting good results in... until I sprained my ankle and stopped going to the gym. Blah. Alright. Gym on tomorrow. What else? Colored contacts? The last time I had I was a Christmas present from Lynn in 2005. Five effing years ago!! Man I feel like a dinosaur. Things to do, get colored contacts just for shits and giggles. Gah! I just can't believe that I am graduating and I still have not done anything really that exciting :(

Life goes on.

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