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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring Showers, May Flowers

The one thing that you can always talking about in Michigan, would be the weather.
If you see a pretty girl or hunky guy that you don't know and you really like to talk to, talk about the weather. There is always something to talk about. Be it, rain, sun, how snowy it is, or the fact that you can have a blizzard and uber clear sunny skies the next minute.

The trees have started blooming and it is way past their prime time. I think the prettiest part of spring are the few short days of visible blooming flowers before green buds appear. I have always made it a point to take pictures of it, but nope. Always too busy, and my cheap old ass phone's bluetooth ain't being the nicest ever.
Owh well, my last spring here in Kalamazoo Michigan. I hope I'll have memory pictures of it. 

It's been cloudy for the past two three days, and it will soon start raining. Which means that spring is officially here. I remembered that this time last year was still bitter cold, in fact we had a snow day sometime this time. Owh I can't wait to put on flip flops, sun dresses, and shades :)

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