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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

To Dye Or Not To Dye

XYX:  Yenn, you needa get some snips. You're ends are fried.

Yenn:  *What?! I didn't understand what was he talking about until I saw him staring at my fresh, out of the shower blow dried hair.*
         Owh, yeah I know. I just don't have faith in going to regular hair salons here just because they don't know how to cut Asian hair! I'm just waiting till I get to New York's Chinatown.

Just so you know, XYX is a black dude. And to have a guy say that to me, means that I really do need a haircut. Opps.

I'm not trying to be racist. But seriously, getting a haircut around Kalamazoo is almost impossible. Well, for Asian girls at least. Heck, I've been Mike's regular hair dresser ever since I got here (besides the occasional haircuts he gets when he goes to Chicago's Chinatown.)

Lol. Mike's hair, not too shabby eh? Bel on the other hand.... naw.. I'm just kidding.
He just happens to be in the picture.
The only reason why I chose to post this picture because it was the same day I gave Mikey a hair cut on my balcony, next to the dumpster because my bathroom was too stuffy. And, I look fat in the close up picture of me and him during the ball :(

Oh, I found another picture of Mike, this time with me in it :)
Look at him, being all pimp. Always the ladies' guy.
From left, Crystal Ong, Izzah, Fei Poh, Mikey, SimpleCheryl, Quzrin

Anyway, back to hair. Unless you have very fine, very little hair on your head. Or perhaps you want to look like a broom head for end result? It's just that Kalamazoo is such a small undiversed community that hair dressers are not used to cutting minority hair. Caucasians tend to have thinner hair compared to us. I mean, ain't it obvious, we've got all the pigmentations we need on our head. Whenever they get their hair trimmed, all they need to do is just ship the ends off. No need for layers, nothing.
Personally, I would die if I had no layers on my head. You have idea how layered my hair is. It's so darn layered that you can't even tell the amount of hair I actually have on my head. 
No kidding!

I've been craving to do something different with my hair. I've had the same hair cut for forever now. I've wanted to get highlights 2 years ago when I was back home but I was in a show. I wanted to cut my hair shorter than usual the last few times I got my hair cut but I couldn't either because I was involved in other shows. I wanted to color my hair purple... and I was in another show :(

I love what I do, but my body just doesn't belong to me anymore. Especially being Asian, I have to look stereotypically Asian because I would get cast as one. (Also means that I should look stick thin because Asians are generally smaller in size FML) I guess blond and red are out of my list now. I wanna cut it short! But I know I will regret it because I would need my hair for shows.


Tell me how?

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