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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wake Up Call

Situation number ONE

Phone rings... Looks at screen...

Yenn: "Hi JIE!!!!"

Lynn: "Hello!!! I just watched you videos!! I like!!!"

Yenn: "Really? Which one you like?"

Lynn: "The One Night Stand song."

Yenn: "Yay!!!"

Lynn: "But, really you put on weight adi."


Situation number TWO

Called mom for the first time in forever because I finally refilled my calling card.

Dial... Ring....

Mom: "Hello"

Yenn: "Hi mom!!!!!"

Mom: *turns to kids* "Shhhhh.... I gotta a call from US.
          *turns back to me* Hello, finally call me ar? How are you?"

Yenn: "I'm good. How are you mom."

Mom: "Good. Eh you know ar, you fat already lo. You better stop making cake. You need to lose weight. You know that you are in this performing field, you have to be slim!!!"

Yenn: =.= "I know ma.... I have not worked out since I sprained my ankle. It still hurts in the mornings.
          By the way, did you see the youtube videos that I posted?"

Mom: Yeah. Fat lor!


Situation number THREE

Wakes up by my text message tone... Looks at screen...

Text from Lynn: "Dad called mum and the mum called me to tell you to lose weight. Yeah, so no more baking for you. Start preparing for New York.



So sad. Best part is all this happened three days in a row.
I know that I have put on weight. I think I need help. Working in the bloody cafeteria is not helping at all too. I don't know what is wrong with me. I have been falling in this sin of gluttony. Worst, I JUST fell in love with baking! It makes my soul feel good. I spoke to bestie Amin about this and here's what he said.

Amin: "Why don't you just bake and not eat it?"

Yenn: "wow. that's like torturing myself right?"


 How? Sometimes I really envy those people who stuff their faces , not workout, and not care about what they eat and they still stay stick thin. Why are they so blessed with such high metabolism? Why is it that being meaty/fleshy/or just plain fat part of your family genes? So unfair. Ask everyone, I am probably the healthiest eater among my group of friends.

Worst thing is that, I know all of this is true. I've been noticing that I've gained weight. I complained and all my friends told me that I am just thinking too much. Friends will always try to make you feel better about yourself, which is great. But I guess in this case, I really needed a wake up call. Someone to tell me, "Yenn, bloody stop eating. YOU ARE FAT!The thing about family opinions is that, they ALWAYS tell the truth and they are always bluntly straight forward about it (which is great because I know that everything that they say is true). This time I needed not one, not two, but three of my only family members to knock that in my head.
Damn emo. But damn true.

I am officially giving up baking until I lose at least 5 pounds.
The only exception would be when I am baking for friends.
No more baking because I have extra bananas, or because I wanted to for no reason.


Dear fairygodmother, I wish that I was not am not a fei poh.

1 comment:

Laura said...

Hello Yenn!
Many greetings from Italy!!
You're so funny!
I think you'll be famous, soon!!
Have a nice day! ...and don't lose your humour!
Take care!
Laura from Italy