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Saturday, April 17, 2010

What the F?! The Femme Finale

not only the only all girl cabaret, it's the last senior cabaret of the year too!

So, here are some videos from some of my performances about a month ago in school.
We were performing in a cabaret to raise funds for our Senior Showcase Trip in New York (the one that I f**ked up because I lost my voice, yeah)

I hated my make up for this just because it was right after the performance of CHICAGO. I mean, you've seen it in pictures. They're not the regular make up that I put on. The only time I would ever wear crazy goth black eye shadow, thick liner, uber red cheeks and lips, and heavy lashes all at once would be Halloween, when I either dress up as a prostitute, or a burlesque stripper (which I kinda did last Halloween)

Plus, looking at the videos got me annoyed that I didn't have time to take off those heavy fake eyelashes because after dancing around for two hours, the glue started to melt, and the lashes were in my eyes than anywhere else. I know I have chinky eyes already, and plus the eyelashes in them, you can barely see my eyes open. How?! Not to mention, the camera man didn't really do a good job in taping it as you can see him zooming in and out (which I find a little distracting- and you can see em chinky eyes more damn it). And I look so out of place (overly made up), compared to Emily and Cait because they only that the cabaret performance that night. Bleh.

I literally had to not take my curtain call and run backstage after the show, strip, tear the mic tape of my neck, put on my cabaret dress and heels, and run out for the next performance. Fun, but no fun. I still feel amazed how fast my quick change was and I swear, on the last day of the cabaret, I only took 20 seconds to change out of everything and put clothes back on. *beams proudly*

Okay, enough ranting. Videos, here ya go.

First solo- I COULD GET USED TO THIS (Cover) The Veronicas
Yea, "I'm wearing clothes right now", just because I was almost half naked in CHICAGO

Duet with Emily Iaquinta- MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE (Cover) Bob Dylan/ Adele

*One of my favorite songs* Excuse the 'vulgarness' if that's a word. It's all from the song :)

*yeah, you can here simplecheryl screaming at the background :)

First Trio- LOOK AT ME from The Witches Of Eastwick
*damn sepet. I know*

Okay. Hope you guys are not bored already. Last song. Hang on.

Closing Trio- PAPARAZZI (Cover) Lady Gaga *of course*
aka. Our money song because we start begging for money :)


Thanks to all who came and support! :) You have no idea how much it meant.

Videos are awesome, but they show all the details and mistakes, every eye twitch, every glitch, every tension you have in your face and body. I love watching how I look like performing, but I always ended up hating the videos just because I always think that I look horrible. Gah. Yup, I am my worse critic. 

By watching myself, I found so many little 'omigod why' moments. 
Like, 'Why are you smiling so much?! you look retarded!'
'Ugh, that dress makes you look fat. Didn't you look at yourself in the mirror before going out?' Well, technically I didn't because I was changing in the dark before running out.
'Why are you squinting your eyes again?!'
'Why do you keep looking at the person that you are singing with?'
'Why are you so fat?!'
'Why are you so.... blah blah blah....!'

That's why live theatre is way better. You watch it, get inspired, you leave with a happy feeling. No doubts. Videos, ruins live performance.
Agree not?

I need to lose 15 pounds :( How?

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