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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Back to the Zoo


I apologize for not updating for the past two weeks. Life has been extremely hectic with bits and pieces of important events. Now that I finally had a chance to sit on in front of my computer, on my study chair, I have come to realize that everything flew by so quickly that it felt like a dream.
I just graduated. Daddykins and Lynn actually came by Kalamazoo for my graduation?! Wow. Seems like it happened, but not really. I can't explain this feeling; the only word I could use to describe everything is 'fast'.

Me and my graduation robe.
I was told that the reason why our graduation caps are flat because it represented us leaving school, balancing the knowledge that we have learned on your heads. So technically, you should always wear it flat because you don't want to tip, or 'spill' the knowledge that you have learned. However, I have a very small head (no brains, maybe). Even with 5 bobby pins holding the cap to my head, it still slides back. 
Boo. Maybe because my hair is just too silky. XD

The brown tassle that is attached to my graduation cap signifies the Fine Arts program. I don't know why did we get boring brown since we're considered the 'creative people'. I loved the Music schools pink tassle, but that's not up to us.

The yellow chord on my shoulders represents honors. So if you see people with yellow chords, it means that they are honorary students. I envy the other students who belong in fraternities and honors societies because they have more colored chords and sashes, each representing a frat. Like Kayla on the picture below.
She makes us look so... stupid. lol. More like boring.
So if you are a new student, or even if you are not, but still have yet to graduate, and you wanna look super cool, study hard and join an honors society. Or, you can go make yourself one :)

Since we're all in the same robe, the only way we would funk up was through our shoes. 
I wore my favorite color, purple that's if you could see those pumps on the right

Here's our Music Theatre Performance Class of 2010
From top left, Ahren, Sam, Jared, Billy
Bottom left, Kayla, Tiffany, Ashley, moi, and Alicia

Jump of joy? Jump of freedom?
I don't know. I am just relieved that I have no more assignments and finals.
Maybe cuz I am still here in Kalamazoo and have not moved out yet so I still have not officially felt the 'graduated' feeling. Yet.

Pre-Commencement Ceremony at the pond on campus with the bouquet that Daddykins and Darlynn bought for me. Sunflowers! My favorite. They always brighten up your day.

Although Mummydearest was not there, I was still surrounded by the people that I love.

Thanks Amin and Cheryl for the beautiful roses. I was never a huge fan of roses, just because they are so common.... until now! I loved the colors and it matched my eye shadow and shoes too!!!!!
Love love love you guys.

Daddykins and Lynn who came and supported. me :)
Thank you both.

Struting down the aisle with a huge ass smile on my face. Lol. How typical of me. My eyes are always so squinty, especially when I am anxiously smiling about something.

Shaking hands with the President of WMU.

I was so tiny, you can't even see me. Worst, I was short. While sitting in our rows, I couldn't even see Dad, Lynn, and the framily at the back because I was blocked by the uber tall angmohs.

Western Michigan University's Two Hundred and Ninety-Eighth Commencement
*wow. the school is so much older than Malaysia itself*

Since there wasn't a 'hat tossing ceremony' like the movies, (my guess was that it was too much of a hassle to go look for your hat after that few seconds of fun), our class decided to do it ourselves. It was hilarious because the wind happened to blow at the same time, and all our hats flew towards random people standing by the fountain. If they weren't looking, I bet they might have thought that we literally threw our hats at them.
It was actually recorded on the video below.

I'm so happy when my friend, Ahren sent me the link to this video. At least there was some documentation of the entire experience besides photographs :)
Remember to watch it to the end because those are the funny parts.

Once again, our Music Theatre Performance Class of 2010
Motto: Choose Enjoyment.
Song: I've Got a Feeling (that tonight's gonna be a good night) - Black Eyed Peas
Three years here at Western. Goodbye.

Picture purrfect.

*photo credits to Bobo, Darlynn, and Daddykins

Wow. I just graduated. Still can't believe it.
Now what?

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Laura said...

You're lucky: we don't have such great ceremony for our graduation in Italy (at least in Florence where I graduated).
Enjoy your "free" life now!