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Sunday, May 23, 2010


I've seen this video a long time ago but never bothered to put it up. I just thought that I should share this with you.

Amazing? Yes. I have never seen anything like this. Those girls were so talented, they make it look so easy but the dance was extremely technical at the same time. Sharp movements, pirouettes and all. I just did a dance performance at a Benefit Live Auction yesterday at Saugatuck for the theatre company that I will be working with for two months in two weeks, and the dance performance was about... say 2 minutes long with steps that didn't require as much technicality but probably as much stamina, and I must say. It was not easy at all. Kudos to them. Not only those girls were amazing in technique wise, they were excellent performers too and not everybody has both of those traits, at the same time. 

Watch the second video.

This video totally reminded me of my situation with the church about 3 and a half years ago when I took part in the Seventeen Star Search 2006 when the other finalists and I modeled for ROXY (which.... hello! is a surfing brand) at a water theme park. Beg you not, we were photographed playing beach ball and water guns. In short, CLEAN FUN. Nothing sexual. After the pictures came out and the church saw it, they made a huge hassle about me 'leading' the younger teenagers down the wrong path and all. For goodness sake, it wasn't as if I was modelling for Victoria Secret in a mall or anything. It was freaking ROXY for SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE. How 'dirty' could that be? Plus the most 'revealing item that I wore was nothing but a normal bikini top with a summer skirt! Not only the elders condemned me, they brought the entire situation to my then-boyfriend's parents and told them to tell my then-boyfriend, to tell me about it. =.=

Do you see anything sexual content in those pictures?


Wow. How could they turn such an innocent thing to something so twisted. If it was so bad, go to my parents then. Like the video, my parents were totally supportive of me. I did it for a clean talent competition. If it was not taken out of context (like if I was modeling in a bikini in somewhere else), it would not have been wrong. And my parents understood that. Since then, I was embarrassed to go to church. Trust me, I never doubted God. I just lost faith in mankind. If anyone were to ask me why did I backslide, I would say that would be the main reason why.

Haha. Why am I even talking about this old story of mine that happened so long ago? 

I really hope those girls don't ever get discouraged with people that have nothing else better to do.

Till then.

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