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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dear Diary,

I had my first rehearsal today since Chicago.

It is for a benefit event at Saugatuck for the theatre that I have worked with last Summer, and will be working with again come June. The purpose of the event is to raise fund for the Internship program of the theatre.

Rehearsal lasted from 9am through 4pm (supposedly 5pm, but we got done early because we weren't physically capable of doing so anymore, and we finished all the choreography).

Since I sprained my ankle, I have not worked out or danced at all (besides the Chicago performances which were easy peesy). Hence, I think my muscles are probably traumatized as I can still feel them shaking right now as I sit and blog here after dinner and my shower.

Over all, it feels good to dance again. I actually felt proud of myself for being able to pick up choreography after so long. Dancing makes me feel fit again, and I just can't wait till I start working at the theatre because I'll be doing a lot of that, and generally, I just know that I'll live a healthier lifestyle because I don't have anymore horrible cafeteria food to be around with.

I have absolutely no reason to blog, I should be sleeping now but I am still waiting for my hair to dry.

I'm planning to sleep right now at 7pm just so I can wake up at 12 midnight to get myself drunk. I figured that since I work at 6.30am every single morning, I have no opportunities to hangout with my friends at night at all. Therefore, I will wake up at 12 midnight to drink.

I still have work tomorrow. So, I'll either call in sick because I have not used any of my call in's for the past year and a half. OR I'll just drink, take a nap, and go work. OR I'll just go in work drunk since there won't be any important events happening at work anyway.

Don't worry mom, I won't make a fool out of myself. I won't do anything stupid at work to disappoint you.

wow. this is probably the most random post. ever.

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